July 19, 2011

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A social life: When employees and applicants take to Facebook
Imagine one of your employees bashes your company or their coworkers on Facebook. You might think that you could fire that employee. But you would probably be wrong.
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Everything you need to know about Excel range names
Are you familiar with the range names feature in Excel? It is one of the most powerful tools that even the most basic Excel user can easily master. Name a cell or a block of cells and then work with those cells in formulae and searches throughout the workbook.
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XBRL: Smaller Co's Phase In; Liability Exemptions Phase Out
The SEC's three-year phase-in -- from the largest to the smallest companies --to furnish financial statements, footnotes, and certain other information to the SEC using interactive data tags called eXtensible Business Reporting Language or XBRL, recently reached the third and final year of the phase-in, with the smallest companies (those with less than $700 million market cap) joining the ranks of their larger co brethren, effective with fiscal periods ending on or after June 15, 2011
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Wait for 8 - There's No Debate
I've been using Windows 7 for over a year now and have to say it has been great. Hopefully, I'll be saying the same thing about Windows 8 in two years (ok, maybe....four years?).
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June 2011 QuickBooks Technical Support Questions and Answers
June 2011 tech support issues include questions about payroll, registration, error messages, password reset, installation, and more.
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Thinking about shifting to an iPad or iPhone to run your business?
If you are in a public accounting practice and thinking about shifting to an iPad or iPhone to run your business, you might want to think again. These technologies are overrated for use in the accounting industry.
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One of our articles this month addresses the issue of what can go wrong when employees take out their gripes about employers in a social media forum. A related issue is what ramifications does an employer face when searching for information about job applicants online? The answers might surprise you.
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