May 17, 2011

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Emily Post for the tech generation: How to behave online
School's almost out, but class is always in session when it comes to the job search. As new graduates prepare to enter the work world, they should pay as much attention to technology "etiquette" as they do promoting their mastery of technology.
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Four things accountants must do to keep up with technology
With the changing technological landscape, what must accountants do to stay competitive in the future, and how will technology change the future role of the accountant? Here are four tools every accountant should have in the technology toolbox.
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Office 365: Microsoft takes to the Cloud
Where Office Live was more of a personal Cloud that gave you access to the Office tools, Office 365 is a true corporate environment that, within the beta system at least, will let you cater to and collaborate with up to 25 colleagues.
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Digital marketing: How B2B marketers can use it to improve their performance against goals
While digital marketing may complicate the lives of B2B marketers at small firms in the short run, it has the potential to free up resources in the long run.
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Top ten technical support questions & answers for April 2011
Unleashing the power of QuickBooks: Here are April's top Technical Support Questions & Answers.
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Electronic delivery of confidential information
Great care should be taken in selecting the method of electronic delivery to prevent creating a situation where there could be hacker access to the information and also to provide significant ease of use by the recipient.
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I often speak at accounting and technology conferences, frequently touting the importance of having an online presence, maintaining a professional online appearance, and making that presence worthwhile. I can literally talk for hours on this subject and have done so frequently. But today we have some different voices. Don't take my word for it - read about how you should behave online from other experts, then get busy and clean up your Internet act.
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