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It Isn't About Surviving in a Global Market. It's About Succeeding There.
Spend less time on data entry and more time advising clients with FreshBooks
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Business vs. personal: Controlling what people see on your Facebook pages
If you have a Facebook account, you've probably faced the dilemma of whether to accept a friend request from a business associate. In this article I'll show you how configure your Facebook friends list so that only your closest friends will see what you post unless you choose to share with a broader group.
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Mobile computing takes accountants to a new level of productivity
Mobile computing is one of the hottest trends in the consumer sector today. Driven largely by video, web-browsing, gaming, and other just-for-fun applications, it has quickly moved from gadget status to a must-have for consumers.
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Blog: Social media: Five myths you're sure to recognize
Social media, which might be described as the leading communication tool of the new Millennium, comes in many forms. Whether you use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for business or fun, or whether you are still in the stage of getting comfortable with the idea of spreading yourself and your business across the Internet, you've probably heard lots of rumors about how these tools work.
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New QuickBooks certification will validate small business accounting skills
Certiport, a provider of performance-based certification exams and practice test solutions, has announced the availability of a new Intuit QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU) certification program, designed by Real World Training, which is endorsed by Intuit.
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Blog: How are you feeling about the outlook for small business in 2011?
What is business like for you today? Now that busy season is under way - has business picked up year over year? Have you implemented new technology in your business to meet today's competitive demands? Has communication with your clients changed?
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How your Web site can make you more like James Franco
James co-hosted the Oscars in Hollywood on Sunday night, and was in class Monday morning at Yale University, 3000 miles away, where he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in English. I started to think about how I could be more like James, and use my time more efficiently, and, per usual, my thoughts drifted to how this might apply to accountants
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If you are a Facebook user, you have probably encountered the situation where a business associate wants to friend you (yes, friend has become a verb, thank you Mark Zuckerberg). So what is the proper response to this friend request? Do you accept the offer and expose all of your personal exploits and family chatter to your business associates? Do you reject the offer and risk offending an colleague or a potential client? Do you clean up your act and stop posting pictures of potentially embarrassing poses (okay, you should probably do that in any case)? There is another alternative.
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It Isn't About Surviving In A Global Market. It's About Succeeding There.

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Spend less time on data entry and more time advising clients with FreshBooks

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