July 20, 2011

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Tax tip: Summer day camp expenses may qualify for a tax credit
Along with the summer come some extra expenses, including (possibly) day camp for children. It may be a pleasant surprise for some parents that the costs of sending their children to these camps may qualify for the child and dependent care tax credit.
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Trucker use tax: IRS announces new filing date
The Internal Revenue Service has advised truckers and other owners of heavy highway vehicles that their next federal highway use tax return, usually due August 31, will now be due on November 30, 2011.
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Is Your Exempt Org no Longer Exempt?
Last month IRS sent out a wake-up call to 275,000 exempt orgs who have not been keeping up with their filing and communications requirements. We all know how easy it is to let those things fall by the wayside – especially since they tend to be run by volunteers who do not pass on instructions to the incoming volunteers.
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State and Local Tax: E-books are not subject to New York State sales and use tax
In an advisory opinion, the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has concluded that a California seller's sales of e-books are not subject to sales and use tax.
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Tax strategy: Secure fast tax relief for disaster losses
If a client has been victimized by the vicious tornadoes or floods throughout the country this year, or has suffered personal casualty losses due to some other natural disaster, he or she may not have to wait to file a 2011 tax return to recoup some tax benefits.
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Back when we were children, thoughts of campfires and canoeing, spiders and salamanders, ghost stories and s'mores rarely, if ever, conjured up images of tax savings. But if you're the parent of a child going to camp, you might want a refresher on what camping expenses qualify for the child and dependent care tax credit and what information you need to claim the credit. Nick Fiore gives us the lowdown on this summer tradition.
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