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Win big during the Super Bowl? Uncle Sam wants a piece of your action
Nobody wants to be the bearer of bad news, but your clients who were lucky enough to bet on the Green Bay Packers – or otherwise win money on the big game – should know they are supposed to save a cut of those winnings for the Internal Revenue Service.
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Submitting tax records just got easier for student financial aid candidates
A new convenience for families of college students submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online might come at the expense of accountants who currently provide related services to their clients.
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Ready, aim, start firing those tax returns off to the IRS
The IRS has opened the floodgates for filing of all 2010 individual income tax returns, effective Monday, February 14. Refunds are not expected to be delayed.
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IRS releases 2012 budget proposal summary
The agency says its funding request reflects a continued commitment to balance taxpayer service with fair enforcement of the tax laws. The IRS says it has identified more than $188 million in cost-savings in 2012.
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Blog: State and local taxes: What will happen in 2011?
What do you think are the hot state and local tax (SALT) issues in 2011? What do you think will impact your clients the most? Well, to help you get started, here are a few of the topics I see impacting companies this year.
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Blog: How to commit tax preparer fraud
I can't understand why you would prepare this volume of falsified tax returns for clients (or just a few for yourself). Isn't it easier to just make a living legitimately? Is it worth it to help our clients rip off the system for a measly fee?
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Gosh, it seemed like tax season would never get rolling. But, here we are with the IRS ready to accept all tax returns only a month and a half late. If normally we are given three and a half months to prepare our returns, and the IRS has delayed us for a month and a half, wouldn't it seem reasonable to move the filing date accordingly and make 2010 individual tax returns due at the end of May instead of the traditional (now altered to 4/18) tax day?
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Tax Talk Today Archived Programs - View Now

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It Isn't About Surviving In A Global Market. It's About Succeeding There.

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