December 17, 2008
Editor's Note
Here at AccountingWEB we've produced several audio broadcasts that are downloadable to your computer or your PDA. You can read the content online, print it out, or listen to the broadcast. The topics of these Weekly Earfuls and Small Business Hearing Aides encompass hot issues, practice management skills, and self improvement. Here are some of the highlights of the offerings we have had in the past year.

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What will it take to be a top CPA in 2010?
These days, a number of factors are combining to make Certified Public Accountants more valued in the current marketplace than ever before - with even brighter prospects for the most qualified and skilled professionals in the foreseeable future. more >>
Eight steps for avoiding the burnout trap
For entrepreneurs, burnout is an occupational hazard. In fact, I would go so far as to say that burnout will happen at some point in your career. After all, you are most likely a workaholic. If you follow your natural inclination, you might never leave the office! The truth, of course, is that you love your work; entrepreneurs thrive when they can think on their toes and wrap themselves around the creative processes that lead to economic success. But too much unrelenting hard work comes with a price. more >>
Individuals and home businesses: A survival plan for important documents
When storms ravage the country, we often concentrate on how lucky we are if we're not in the path of the storm, but fail to consider the possibility that the next storm might just be a direct hit. Before you find yourself bailing out the basement, try re-examining your own readiness to react, should catastrophe strike your home. more >>
Lack of sleep leads to job dissatisfaction
A survey from the University of Florida reveals that lack of sleep not only makes people tired and irritable, it also causes them to dislike or even hate their jobs the next morning. This issue is becoming more and more important as we get less and less sleep. more >>
Effective rules for successful mentoring
Mentoring in general isn't a new concept, but for many firms, setting up a mentoring program is far down on the list of to-do's. Studies have shown that mentoring can be an effective workplace tool. Here are some tips for making the mentoring process a success. more >>
Lean & not mean: Simple management most effective
Thinking lean when it comes to running a company can bring significant advantages. Lean thinking is all about maximizing performance efficiency and end product or service value through the elimination of waste. The philosophy was originally developed for the automotive manufacturing industry, but experts claim that its applications are far wider. more >>
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