December 3, 2008
Editor's Note
AccountingWEB is pleased to announce we have added a QuickBooks Zone to our site. This new area of the site will include:

* Latest news about QuickBooks and related products

* Audio tips explaining QuickBooks features in a step-by-step format

* The QuickBooks Journey: Presented in partnership with Intuit, the Journey leads both beginning and experienced QuickBooks users through a process of learning basic skills and developing advanced techniques

* QuickBooks ProAdvisors Corner: A collection of tips, articles, how-to advice, and suggestions that you can use to enhance your knowledge of QuickBooks

* QuickBooks Developers Corner: Articles from software developers especially geared toward QuickBooks users

Look for a monthly e-newsletter from the QuickBooks Zone highlighting new features that have been added to the site. Meanwhile, just click QuickBooks Zone on the left side of any AccountingWEB page and you can see all the new features for yourself.

Best regards,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor


Visit AccountingWEB's complete archives by following the links below:

E-Newsletters, Supplements, and Audio Features

The QuickBooks Journey: Getting Started
Which 2009 QuickBooks is Right for My Client?

Chances are your clients use QuickBooks - but if you are new to QuickBooks, how do you make the right recommendation? Many practitioners simply recommend QuickBooks Pro because that is what they know, but savvy accounting professionals know that there are many more versions than Pro, and recommending the right one for each client is essential to properly serving that client's needs. more >>
Dun & Bradstreet offers free QuickBooks plug-in
Last year, Dun & Bradstreet, a provider of commercial information and insight on businesses for over 166 years, released a QuickBooks plug-in to allow small businesses to participate in D&B's long-established Trade Exchange program. more >>
Use add-ons to expand QuickBooks and add to your bottom line
Although QuickBooks is the top choice of accounting software for small businesses, users often discover that the software can't meet all of their financial or business-management needs. To compensate, they purchase additional software applications or scrap QuickBooks altogether in favor of five-figure software programs that promise greater usability and integration. more >>
Sleeter Group honors seven technologies as Awesome Add-Ons
The Sleeter Group network of QuickBooks consultants has announced its selections for the "2009 Awesome Add-ons for QuickBooks." The Sleeter Group presents the awards annually to recognize technologies that help enhance the functionality of the QuickBooks business management software. more >>
The QuickBooks Journey: Advanced Content
2009 What's New from Intuit for Accounting Professionals

QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2009 helps accountants work smarter, not harder. QuickBooks 2009 is designed to make your work easier, faster, and more accurate. Your suggestions inspired new features and big improvements. QuickBooks 2009 can help you work more efficiently with your clients' data and enable them to get more from QuickBooks. Learn about the new and improved features that can help you get productive, get insights, and get clients. more >>
Manufacturing software white paper available
QuickBooks Advisors who have manufacturing customers, or who are contemplating doing business with manufacturing customers, would be well-served in getting the white paper, "An Accountant's Guide to Choosing the Right Manufacturing Software." more >>
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