November 19, 2008
Editor's Note
Here at AccountingWEB we're very excited that Melissa Etheridge is staging a tax protest resulting from the passage of the controversial Proposition 8 in California. Any time people talk about taxes is good news for accountants, and this is no exception. If voters drew a stronger connection between their elected officials and the results on the bottom line of their tax return, the elections would be perceived on a more personal level and voters would realize that their votes really do impact their lives.

Best regards,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor

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Obama's tax decisions will define income tax systems for years
"Tax policy decisions ahead: President-elect Obama's call for change," prepared by the Tax Policy Group of Deloitte Tax LLP in Washington, D.C., predicts that with Barack Obama in the White House and a strengthened Democratic Congress facing huge budget and tax issues, the outlook is for changes in tax policy in the next two years that could determine the size and shape of our income tax systems for the foreseeable future. more >>
Year-end tax planning checklist includes tips for 2008 tax savings
We may have a new President-Elect, but taxpayers have only six weeks to make certain moves that will help ensure tax savings when they file in April 2009. According to Bob Trinz, Senior Tax Analyst for the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters, "Factors that challenge year-end planning include the stock market's swoon, the economic climate, and the strong possibility of tax changes next year. In fact, there might be another economic stimulus package enacted before the end of this year." more >>
Melissa Etheridge suggests California gays stop paying taxes
Since the recent passage of Proposition 8 in California restricting the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman, homosexual men and woman and those sympathetic to their cause have engaged in numerous protests. Singer, songwriter Melissa Etheridge has chosen to voice her objection to the legislation by encouraging a tax revolt. more >>
Blog: Year End Planning is Good Marketing
The year-end is fast approaching. While the economy is dominating everyone's thoughts, this is the best time to get the attention of your clients. What better way to demonstrate your concern and your commitment to them than by offering some proactive year-end, tax planning suggestions. more >>
Preserve tax break for life insurance proceeds
Life insurance proceeds paid upon the death of the insured person generally are exempt from federal income tax. But income taxes aren't the end of the story. When death benefits go directly to a beneficiary other than a surviving spouse - such as a child or a sibling - the proceeds potentially are subject to federal estate tax. more >>
Last year's mortgage legislation may prove useful at tax time
No matter what the circumstances, from job loss or illness to changing market conditions, many homeowners are facing foreclosure or a short sale of their home this year. more >>
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