November 5, 2008
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In an effort to share useful information with our readers, AccountingWEB is always on the lookout for contributions of articles written by members of the accounting profession and the related fields. For this Supplement, we've pulled together some of the interesting articles that have been contributed to our site in the past year. If you have any material you would like us to consider for publication so that it can be shared with our audience, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Year-end tax planning for your business owner clients
By John H. Brown and Randy S. Williams, Business Enterprise Institute

Current tax rates are likely the lowest we will see in our lifetimes. At some point, burgeoning budget deficits, ballooning costs of social programs, and war expenses must be paid. As year-end tax planning time for your business owner clients approaches, this article will discuss some planning initiatives you need to remind them to consider. They are not the usual IRA or compensation tips, but rather ones that can materially affect their net worth over time. more >>
Tips for Generation Y/Millennials' managers and mentors
By Phyllis Weiss Haserot, president of Practice Development Counsel

Like it or not, new Generation Y employees require more management time than their older counterparts did. This is frustrating to Baby Boomer partners and managers and the Gen Xers who crave autonomy and like to do things their way. Having very structured lives since childhood, the Millennials need structure and guidance at work to channel their dedication to producing excellent results. more >>
7 reasons why operating a home-based small business is advantageous to clients
By Bruce Katcher, Ph.D., president of The Discovery Consulting Group, Inc.

Many professional service providers seem embarrassed that they operate a small business out of their home. They are concerned prospects and clients will view this negatively. Although I personally don't go out of my way to advertise that I operate out of my home, I don't hide the fact either. more >>
'Why doesn't your old resume work anymore?'
By Deborah Walker, CCMC, Resume Writer, Career Coach

If your last job search prior to 2001, you may be in for a rude awakening. You might be surprised to find that your old resume, which worked well for you before, is no longer attracting employers, headhunters and corporate recruiters. more >>
Test your networking know-how
By Scott Ginsberg, aka "The Nametag Guy"

Networking is the development and maintenance of mutually beneficial relationships. It's not schmoozing, it's not handing out business cards, it's not selling, it's not marketing, and it's not small talk. Some of those activities might be part of networking, but be careful not to confuse form with function. Networking is a process that takes the right attitude, patience and organization. more >>
Speaking as a Performing Art: 15 tips that are sure to make you a better public speaker
By Guy Kawasaki, co-founder of the Web site Truemors and the author of eight books

Singing and speaking have everything in common - except for maybe really good tunes. The main goal is to engage your audience and make them listen to you, so everything a singer does, a speaker ought to do too. Here are the absolute necessities of an engaging performance or presentation. more >>
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