October 8, 2008
Editor's Note
If you're a practicing, licensed accountant, you've got some familiarity with continuing professional education. Maybe you like it, maybe you don't. Maybe you are the consummate student, or maybe you are an instructor and think of CPE from the view behind the podium. Whatever your perspective, we're betting you've got stories to tell.

AccountingWEB's Bloggers Crew members have been asked to address the issue of CPE and we have many different perspectives to share wtih you. Not only can you pick up some useful tips in this special AccountingWEB Bloggers Crew Supplement, but you will have a chance to meet our bloggers and appreciate the range of their viewpoints! Follow the links, read what they have to say, and by all means post your own comments and share your CPE memories - blogging, after all, is meant to be a participatory experience.

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The rest of the Crew....
Be sure to follow our other bloggers as they provide commentary on their own areas of expertise, or whatever strikes their fancy! Here are some of the latest entries:

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Get your CPEs by attending conferences

I am a research accountant and part of my job is going to conferences to learn about different topics. I get lots and lots of CPE credits and I get to go to Chicago several times a year, so getting enough CPE credits is not a problem. For my industry, the majority of conferences are in Chicago. My first conference experience was in Chicago for a FIN 47 (Asset Retirement Obligations) seminar. Three of us attended and we drove up the day before the conference. Henry (names have been changed to protect the innocent) wanted to leave after work....
more >>
David Tate: The Legal & Accounting Blog

Needed: mandatory CPE in (1) technical expertise, and (2) responsible decision making

Some readers are probably aware that as I have shifted some of my focus from discussions about hard technical accounting, auditing and legal issues, to situational and governance discussions analyzing the issue: "how could this have happened?", I have come upon the belief that a significant amount of misfeasance and malfeasance is caused not only by a lack of technical understanding and expertise, but also by the failure of the person to act "responsibly" during the decision making process.... more >>
Scott Heintzelman: The Exuberant Accountant

Learning Culture

During these challenging economic times many organizations look for ways to control (i.e. cut costs) expenses and often reduce the training and learning budget. In our profession this is called Continuing Professional Education (CPE). However this is such a vital component to be a great organization. I did an interview with Boomer Consulting last year explaining just how important staff development is to our organization.... more >>
Allan Boress, CPA: Truth Be Told About Business Development Blog

My Vendetta Against CPE

Why does CPE suck so bad? Perhaps now more than ever, CPE is vital to our profession. Public accounting has challenges it didn't eons ago when I became certified. Unfortunately, CPE has changed little in those many years. It is still the same old, same old. Stuck almost completely on the technical side of the business (which is obviously essential), but ignoring the most basic issues facing the continued viability of our business....
more >>
Maria Krowicki, CIR: The HR Connection

Training 101

I have to start right out of the gate and admit......I have never "formally" attended a CPE class. I have listened, ear pressed to the door, trying to make out what the presenter is saying. While I may not have attended anything CPE, I have attended classes for HRCI (Human Resources Certification Institute) credits, which are credits for the Human Resources world. Whether it's CPE, HRCI or any other credits, it is clear that constant training is needed to grow as a professional.... more >>
Jerry Davis, CPA: Construction Practice Insider

The CPE Solution - What is Yours?

Our firm has struggled in the past on finding the best way to get CPE for our staff. We encourage everyone in the firm to "always be learning." The struggle we have is finding good outside CPE to attend. Our firm specializes in construction and there just are not any classes in our area that address the needs of the small to medium size construction company.... more >>
Bill Kennedy: CA. IT, PMP: Energized Accounting

Professional Development: The Trick

Most professional accountants remember their final exam. Even people in their eighties can tell you about the question they aced or totally blew. One memory that stuck with me was my friend Jim remarking to me as we exited the exam center, "If I ever learn anything else it will be by accident...." more >>
Alex Vuchnich, CPA, CFE: Profit Matters Blog

Ethics CPE

The past several ethics courses I have taken seem to have centered largely around avoiding malpractice risk rather than ethical and moral theory. Although I understand the value proposition to the attendees of these courses on practical guidance and interpretation of our professional code of conduct, I feel there is an altogether lack of instruction regarding why we have a code of conduct in the first place.... more >>
Michelle Golden: Golden Practices

Your CPE is Your R&D, Don't Under Invest

CPAs have become a lot less enthusiastic about CPE in the last 5-10 years. It's almost viewed as a necessary evil. This is amazing to me because CPE for CPAs is essentially your R&D, or your product development. Since 99% of your product is in your brains, investing in the expansion of the knowledge necessary to do the job would seem a, pardon the pun, no-brainer. But this is what I've found.... more >>
The A-Team: Voices of the AccountingWEB Staff

My CPE, Your CPE

I taught continuing education classes for the Indiana CPA Society for 10 years. With small exception, the classes I taught were hands-on, computer application sessions, taught in the Society's computer lab. It's one thing to teach a class where you can walk in with prepared notes, give your lecture, and slip out the back. But the hands-on environment is a different world.... more >>
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