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MARCH 12, 2008

Disaster recovery, backup, and restore: Big challenges for small businesses
All too frequently, fires, local flooding and human error threaten computer systems, communications and the ability of a business of any size to sustain continuous operations. Small and medium sized businesses, used to protecting inventory or paper records, are expected to invest more in "resilience and backup" in 2008.

How to increase your online visibility using is a new resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners, an online small business community on the Web created to help small business decision-makers solve their most pressing business problems and realize their most compelling opportunities.

Bracing a business for recession
Economic indicators may point toward difficult times. Marcus Scholes, Vice President of U.S. Operations for Real Asset Management International, explains how effective asset management can help strengthen a business quickly.

Tax reminders for businesses with home offices
In order to educate taxpayers, the IRS has provided this fact sheet which explains the rules for deducting home office expenses.

Why hackers love small businesses
As a small business owner, you may believe that hackers have no use for your small network. Think again! Understanding what these hackers are truly after will help you to understand why your network is at risk.

Budgeting trends help SMBs and SMEs thwart headaches
The two most common budgeting and forecasting headaches experienced by CFOs and finance executives at small and midsized businesses are gaining buy-in from other managers in the company and using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, according to a recent study performed by Centage Corp. and the Institute of Management & Administration.

The ten cardinal sins: Entrepreneurial errors you must never, never commit
I've never known an entrepreneur who started a business without making a few mistakes. Certainly, you'll be no exception. You'll make them, try to fix them, and then move on. However, some entrepreneurs fall into traps that are bigger than mistakes. They are, in effect, entrepreneurial sins.

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