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FEBRUARY 13, 2008

Knowledge is key to safety for executives traveling abroad
The world is full of opportunities. It is also filled with dangers, or at least parts of it are. American executives and entrepreneurs traveling throughout the world have come to realize that their mere presence in some countries or communities, can present groups targeting Americans with tempting opportunities and put their lives at risk.

Travel expense management systems can save time, money
Automated expense management offers real advantages to employees and management, ranging from significant cost savings to companies on travel expense processing to reducing the time it takes for an employee to fill out a spreadsheet expense report or a paper report. The technology is also designed to detect fraud and to document approval processes, which appeals to financial managers focused on Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.

Travel insurance: Peace of mind or waste of money?
Travel insurance is nothing new. In recent years, however, it has attracted more attention and the debate regarding the value of the policies has grown more pronounced. Coverage has also expanded to include business travelers, extreme sports participants, and expatriates, among others. How does a traveler know if travel insurance is worth the investment?

7 Tips for protecting yourself from the health hazards of air travel
Flying is hazardous. It not just the one in thousands or one in millions chances of crashes or terrorism, it's physical effects of travel that are far more common and potentially just as serious. Whether traveling on business or pleasure, here are some tips from Harvard Men's Health Watch for reducing the health hazards of flying.

Small business travelers to benefit from stabilization of airline industry
While airline ticket prices have risen slightly in recent months, they remain well below rates from several years ago, according to the American Small Business Travelers Alliance, a national alliance that provides valuable services and functions focused specifically on the travel needs and interests of small business owners.

Editor's Note

Planning a trip? Technology means we can now do business without ever having to meet our far flung colleagues or distant clients. But sometimes nothing beats a face to face encounter. We've pulled together some articles that might help with your next business trip, with the goal of keeping you safe, organized, healthy, stress-free and frugal. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or you only travel occasionally, the information and tips provided here might make your travel a bit easier.

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