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FEBRUARY 6, 2008

New gadgets ease the pain of traveling
So much about traveling is beyond your control: delayed flights, too-small seats, poor service, annoying passengers, traffic jams, pre-packaged meals (or none at all)... the list is endless. Why not tune out some of the aggravation with some of the newest gadgets?

Accessing the World Wide Web from the comforts of the world
There are numerous buzzwords floating through the world of business today, but recently it seems that wireless fidelity access has been tossed around more than others. Places like restaurants, train stations and airports, libraries, hotels, hospitals, coffee shops, bookstores, and many other public places are opening their networks to the public, either for free or for a small cost, giving laptops, Wi-Fi phones and other suitable portable devices instant access to the Internet.

Business on the move
Love it or hate it, modern mobile technology means we're always on demand. Sometimes you have to know when to switch off.

Far from remote: The risks of mobile working
As many as 81 percent of hiring managers have policies in place that allow employees to work remotely, according to a study performed by Yoh, a talent and outsourcing services provider. And the results of a study released by study released by Cisco and Insight Express, an independent surveyor, which polled 1,000 remote workers in 10 countries, found that teleworkers frequently hijack neighbors' wireless networks, share computers with non-employees, and open e-mail from unknown sources.

View from the Summit: Small businesses are mobile tech-savvy
The image of the American small business is a mom-and-pop shop where things are done with handshakes and face-to-face. So the Take Your Office With You Using Windows Mobile Technology session at the Microsoft Small Business Summit came as something of a surprise.

Editor's Note

The days when someone could be truly out of office are long gone. Modern mobile technology has put the office in our pocket - and given workers the freedom to access the web from almost anywhere - on land, sea, and soon, it seems, the air. Recent reports that some airlines are already preparing to make mobile calls possible in flight, will break down the door to the last bastion of travel privacy. But freedom brings responsibilities. A number of recent laptop thefts have highlighted the dangers inherent in mobile technology. This special AccountingWEB supplement looks at the modern mobile environment, the advantages, the risks, and the ability to surf from anywhere - no beach required.

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