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JANUARY 30, 2008
Introducing AccountingWEB's IT Zone
Things are getting a little out of hand here at AccountingWEB. Our site is growing by leaps and bounds. Every day we add more news, tips, and resources to the site, and yet, once the news scrolls off the main pages and once the e-mail news wires have been processed and have left the inbox, where does all that information go?

Excel 2008 and MacBook Air debut at MacWorld
If all that comes to mind when you think of a MacWorld is a burger-based theme park, then you're lagging in the fast-moving world of technology. Following hard on the heels of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, last week's Apple's own MacWorld conference and expo in San Francisco was the biggest yet with 485 exhibitors and marked a shift of emphasis for Apple.

Microsoft warns of new 'Zero day' Excel 2003 vulnerability
A Microsoft Security Advisory note issued on January 15th revealed that Excel 2003 had been targeted by attacks on a previously unknown vulnerability.

Why Intuit helps you with more than just your books
Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, hosts an online community named This community was created to assist new and existing business owners in networking and promoting their business.

AICPA announces top ten technology initiatives for 2008
Information Security Management will be the most important initiative affecting IT strategy, investment and implementation in business organizations over the next 12-18 months, according to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' 19th Annual Top Technology Initiatives survey.


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Ryan Williams:
Tech Better Blog
Scheduling Tasks In Outlook

If you are like me, you have a lot of tasks on your "to do" list (I don't count them because it depresses me). Many of the tasks tend to remain "in progress" longer than they should because they are constantly being trumped by the fires of the day. One trick I have employed to help combat this trend is....

Chris Wood, CPA
Captain Excel Blog
Wooing the non-accounting with Excel know-how

I took a four day trip to New Orleans with several friends to attend the BCS national championship game and have a good time in general. We all wanted to be fair, so we decided to split the cost of food, lodging and other expenses evenly. How better to keep track and allocate cost than with an Excel spreadsheet....

Editor's Note

I attended a luncheon in 2001 where a major topic of discussion was whether the accounting firms who were represented by the people present at my table had started using computers. This was in 2001 - only seven years ago! And some of the people at the table had not yet begun using computers! Those who had not yet made it out of the dark age argued that they were older, established (and small) firms that had been around so long, they didn't see any need to change. I daresay, if those firms are still around today, they've either gotten with the program or lost most of their business. In any case, this new IT area of our Web site is for those of you who have gotten with the program. We hope to provide you with the latest IT news and resources that relate specifically to the accounting profession, so that you won't be caught arguing that there's no need to change.

Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor

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