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In the Zone: Tax Zone
September 22, 2010    
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Editor's Note
Gail Perry, CPA, Managing Editor A new report released this month by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (aka TIGTA) suggests that Americans aren't saving enough for retirement. TIGTA explains that many Americans expect to rely on Social Security and other manna from heaven as their primary means of retirement support. Research shows that, before the economy went south, the average household containing someone within 10 years of standard retirement age (65) had saved the equivalent of about a year and a half of one person's earnings, and keep in mind that that average household might well contain two adults approaching retirement age. In today's economy, it's safe to assume that the amounts in those savings accounts have been somewhat depleted.

I think it's time for some reports analyzing what the heck Americans think they're going to do when they stop working. And note that this is on top of encouraging news that surfaced this week indicating that people over age 50 are not having much luck in the job market.

Best wishes,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor
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Homebuyer credits: Like taking candy from a baby?
The federal homebuyer tax credit can be considered a great boon to the housing market and the economy, or as a phenomenal waste of tax dollars. The watchdogs over at the Internal Revenue Service have taken another look at the credits.
Debate over tax cuts continues
If Congress doesnít act to change existing legislation, the Bush tax cuts will soon expire. With the economy still in the doldrums, there has been much talk about keeping the lower tax rates to help boost economic activity, at least for all but the top 2 percent of earners in the nation.
Reality Check: Make Next Tax Season Your Best Ever!
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New report shows Americans might fall short on retirement saving
Retirees may not have enough income from retirement plans alone to cover their financial needs during retirement, according to a report publicly released by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.
Audit report: IRS must set deadline for SSN fixes
The Internal Revenue Service needs to pick a deadline to stop or reduce the use of Social Security numbers on its outgoing correspondence, according to a new audit report.
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Tax planning for 2010 remains uncertain
With the tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003 expiring at the end of 2010, many critical decisions remain up in the air. Congress has moved slowly on tax law in recent years but this year, watching paint dry or metal rust would seem speedy by comparison.
Whatís hot for 2010 tax season?
The 2010 tax season is full of opportunities for tax professionals. The challenge is to keep up with the record number of federal tax updates and make sure clients can take advantage of them.
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