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April 29, 2009

Editor's Note
One of the topics accountants start thinking about when the busy season is over is payroll tax. How can next year's payroll tax processing be done more efficiently? What can businesses do now to improve their reporting next January? What tips can accountants provide to businesses that are just getting started? How does new legislation affect payroll taxes? What happens if a business doesn't pay its payroll taxes properly? The articles presented in this
e-newsletter address those issues. As always, we welcome your comments, input, and feedback. Simply click the Post Comments option at the bottom of any article.

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Gail Perry, CPA
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Tax experts warn: Take another look at withholding
The federal government has put a little extra cash into the hands of Americans by requiring employers to withhold less federal tax, resulting in bigger paychecks and monthly pension payments. more >>
7 Things small business owners should know about payroll tax problems
Past due payroll taxes can cause you to lose your business and in some cases, your freedom. The IRS is focusing increased tax compliance efforts on small businesses so it is important to know the common payroll tax audit triggers and learn how to avoid severe IRS penalties, huge tax debt and federal criminal investigation. more >>
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Making wage reporting profitable
As with most business decisions, there are often two prominent variables in wage reporting: time and money. There are many software programs that will help you increase efficiency and decrease time this tax season, but what are the tradeoffs? Is it worth a few extra dollars to keep your sanity intact? With the hectic pace of business today, can you afford not to reduce the time you spend on tedious tasks? These are good questions that deserve some attention. more >>
Setting up payroll in a small business
For a small business with new employees, the process of setting up a new payroll system can be daunting. By breaking down the process into small steps, the process can go smoothly, employees will get their paychecks on time, and tax filing deadlines will be met with ease. more >>
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Tax pitfalls you could face as a small business owner
Starting your own small business can be an exciting venture. However, there are several things that many do not think about in advance that could put them out of business before they have barely begun. And attempting to handle some of these problems on your own may ultimately lead to negative results. more >>
Ten things to think about before offering a payroll service to clients
Accountants who may be reluctant to get involved in payroll should consider the features of the fully automated web-based products, the costs of providing the service, best practices adopted by some practitioners, and some of the benefits that payroll services bring. Here are 10 factors to consider when preparing to offer payroll services. more >>
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