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In the Zone: Tax Zone
January 20, 2010    
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Editor's Note
New tax forms are here, just in time for us to remind clients of how much they need their accountants. In addition to new forms for computing credits and the standard deduction, there is last minute legislation pending in Congress that could make 2010 contributions to Haiti relief tax deductible on 2009 tax returns. Stay tuned, and let your clients know you'll advise them as soon as legislation passes.

In the meantime, you'd better get your spring tan before the cost of tanning machines is increased, courtesy of our elected officials.

Finally, as the withholding tables change yet again, we're recommending a W-4 once-over with all of your clients who might be suffering from withholding confusion.

Best wishes,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor
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New tax forms 5405 and Schedule L complicate tax returns
Claiming the First Time Homebuyer Credit and additions to standard deduction gets complicated with new tax forms and required documentation.
Congress introduces legislation making Haiti contributions deductible for 2009
Several Congressmen have announced plans to introduce legislation to allow charitable contributions to the relief effort in Haiti to be treated as itemized charitable deductions on 2009 tax returns.
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Making Work Pay Credit may mean smaller refunds
Refunds may be smaller this year for some people, and paychecks will definitely be smaller in 2010 than in 2009, because of the Internal Revenue Service's withholding calculations for the Making Work Pay Credit.
The Bo-tax vs. the tanning tax: Tanning revenue pales in comparison
Congress has a gigantic new bill to pay for. If it becomes law, the health plan is projected to cost taxpayers a whopping $849 billion over the next decade according to a Congressional Budget Office estimate. That's why they are shining their searchlight into every corner, looking for places where they can raise taxes to pay the price.
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Two more celebrities do battle with the taxman
The news for comedian Sinbad seems to grow worse every day. So far, he owes the state of California $2.5 million, and his growing total debt to the federal government now stands at $8.15 million. Meanwhile, a famous author/mistress has lost her home and faces a large tax debt.
Realistic tech organizational goals for the upcoming tax season
The resources that a modern day accountant can utilize exist to make their lives easier and, in turn, make their customers happier. This seems like a win-win situation for all, and the best part is that the technology needed to accomplish this is inexpensive and easy to use.
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