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February 13, 2009

Editor's Note
In this special issue of In the Zone, we are turning our focus to some of the latest developments in the Human Resources arena. Not only is the HR department under pressure to streamline staff and reduce costs in a down economy, but there are new considerations as Generation Y moves into the workforce with a vengeance. Generational expert Phyllis Weiss Haserot continues her series on the challenges of the multi-generational workplace.

And because it's Friday and, for many, the start of a long weekend, we've included something light for our readers - the latest installment in our Life in the Big Four series.

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Gail Perry, CPA
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Managing An HR Department Of One
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Is office romance heating up on Valentine's Day?
This Saturday is Valentine's Day, which means love is quite possibly in the air. But how can HR ensure hearts and flowers do not give way to accusations of favoritism, atmospheres you could cut with a knife, and sexual harassment claims? Christiana Tollast of our sister site, HRZone, finds out. more >>
Talent mapping: Navigating through the downturn
Having a clear understanding of the talents, skills, and behaviors of every employee could be the difference between your organization successfully emerging at the end of the downturn, or it failing, says Mark Hopkins, who recommends talent mapping as a means of ensuring success. more >>
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How dramatically will Gen Y change the workplace?
We will be debating for some time whether it's life-changing determination, a clear-eyed vision, naivete, or the arrogance of youth: A significant number of Gen Yers are convinced they will dramatically change the world of work. Phyllis Weiss Haserot continues her series on intergenerational relations and navigating the challenges of the multi-generational workplace. more >>
Developing your managers in a downturn
Now, more than ever, organizations need tough and determined managers, who are driven and motivated to see the business through the hard times. But how can employers ensure their managers are up to the job? Management consultant John Pope has some advice. more >>
Managing An HR Department Of One

This practical Human Resources handbook for the solo practitioner gives you the guidance and tools to run your HR department effectively and efficiently.

Whether you’re the person new to HR or an HR manager in a solo environment, it will help you perform your HR function with the best of them.
Workforce management: Right person, right place, right time
Workforce planning is vital during a recession if organizations want to come out on top when the downturn finally ends. HR professional Lynda Lewendon outlines the strategies that need to be in place now to weather the storm. more >>
Life in the Big Four, Part VI: Rental Cars
When I first started my job, incredible happiness engulfed me each time I stepped off a plane. The traditional age for a legal car rental is 25. I, with my amazing corporate perks/corporate account was able to rent at 21. To this day, I'm pretty certain that the age limit does not prevent stupid behavior. more >>

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