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January 30, 2009

Editor's Note
This week AccountingWEB has been digging into forensic accounting, and we've unearthed some interesting facts: Crime is up, auditors face new challenges, airport screeners (and auditors) are not perfect, and college accounting programs are cashing in on the need for trained forensic accountants.

Whether you're auditing a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 firm or a mom and pop general store, the need for investigative care is universal. We hope you'll find some useful tips in today's articles, and maybe even whet your appetite to return to school!

Best regards,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor


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Training for Forensic Certified Public Accountants
Prevalence of corporate fraud and misconduct is high according to KPMG survey
KPMG's 2008-2009 Integrity Survey, the third in a periodic series that began in 2000, published by KPMG Forensic, concludes that little has changed in the frequency and pattern of corporate fraud and misconduct over the years. The survey found however, that "Ethics and compliance programs continue to have a favorable impact on employee perceptions across the board. more >>
Post-Madoff, forensic accountants seeing increase in business
Investigators say that the number of people trying to pull off low-level Ponzi schemes is increasing so quickly that they are now calling them "mini-Madoffs." more >>
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Auditors and airport screeners have similar blind spots
Even though the items and information are right in front of them, airport screeners miss banned items, according to a December 30, 2005, article in The Wall Street Journal. Auditors miss fraud for the same reasons screeners miss weapons. more >>
Georgia Southern students can concentrate their studies in fraud and forensic accounting
Demand for courses in fraud and forensic accounting has been strong and is growing at colleges and universities throughout the country. Georgia Southern University is no exception, and The College of Business Administration's Center for Forensic Studies in Accounting and Business has taken the lead by offering two educational tracks in fraud and forensic accounting to students at both the undergraduate and graduate level. more >>
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As the bailout goose lays her golden eggs, who is guarding the henhouse?
"A billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you're talking about real money." That's a great line, attributed to the late Senator Everett Dirksen. But with the bailout of 2008 signed by President Bush and now the trillion dollar-plus rescue package that Democrats in Congress and Barack Obama are proposing, those billions are starting to look like chump change. more >>
KPMG case study brings real-world forensic accounting to UNM
University of New Mexico students in Rutledge Professor of Accounting Richard G. Brody's forensic accounting class came face-to-face with the real world last night thanks to a case study presented by KPMG. more >>
Forensic Certified Public Accountant (FCPA) offers FCPA training and certification courses for those individuals interested in earning the prestigious Forensic Certified Public Accountant designation.

A Forensic Certified Public Accountant is an individual who carries expertise as a CPA and a forensic accountant. Forensic CPAs utilize accounting and auditing skills, but also apply investigative skills to uncover what actually took place in a particular financial setting or transaction.

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