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July 7, 2009

Editor's Note
In this month's edition of AccountingWEB's QuickBooks Zone newsletter, we're filling your coffers with some exceptionally useful tools and tips. Our QuickBooks columnist, Joe Woodard, explains how to repair corrupted data files. You'll also learn about the QuickBooks tools available for making sales and for using the Point of Sale software in our QuickBooks Journey. We are featuring an article about pricing as well some important information about payroll requirements for contractors and subcontractors. And you'll be right in tune with the times when you read about social media strategies that can help build your QuickBooks business.

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Gail Perry, CPA
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Learn to Simplify your Sales Tax Compliance within QuickBooks
Live or Self-Study CPA Review...Delivered
Does Your Website Need An Extreme Makeover? - No Obligation To Try
Repairing corrupted data files in QuickBooks, by Joe Woodard
In my opinion QuickBooks is as "bug" free as any product on the market and is much less troublesome than most applications. Intuit has an incredible beta testing process before each new version and the company issues releases periodically throughout the year as users report issues and the programmers resolve those issues. more >>
Social media strategies to build a QuickBooks practice
Remember the old story about getting that "first" job? The feedback went something like this: "Without experience, we can't hire you. However, you have no experience, so we can't hire you." While frustrating for job seekers, this time-tested Catch 22 is similar to what many financial professionals and bookkeepers experience to developing a reputation as a solid provider of accounting solutions. more >>
Avalara - Making sales tax less taxing
Learn tips and best practices from a sales tax expert on removing the hassles from sales tax compliance within QuickBooks.

Are you or your clients burdened by sales tax compliance? Are you searching for ways to reduce their exposure to audits, while at the same time increasing revenue for your business?

If so, than stop spending valuable time on sales tax processes and join a FREE 30 minute webinar and you'll learn to reduce the work and expense in filing and remitting sales and use tax returns.

This webinar is a 'must see' if you or your clients are experiencing challenges related to sales tax compliance. Don't waste additional time on manual compliance efforts; instead learn how your business resources can focus on revenue generating activities.
The QuickBooks Journey: Getting Started
This month's installment of the Getting Started portion of The QuickBooks Journey focuses Receiving Payments and Making Deposits in QuickBooks. Learn how to record customer payments; handle discounts, partial payments, overpayments, and down payments; record deposits; enter transactions of getting cash back from deposits; and process credit cards. Find this article under Making Sales in The QuickBooks Journey. more >>
The QuickBooks Journey: Advanced Content
This month's installment of the Advanced Content portion of The QuickBooks Journey will teach you how to understand and support QuickBooks Point of Sale version 8.0. In this comprehensive training material, you will learn how QuickBooks POS helps retailers manage their stores, the key differences between three features levels of QuickBooks POS, navigating in POS, key features of POS, and resources you can use to help support your POS clients. Find this article under Payroll Features in the Integration with Other Software section of The QuickBooks Journey. more >>
Schweser - Real-time instruction on your PC
Live or Self-Study CPA Review...Delivered

Live Online Review Course
No matter where you are, you can experience the benefits of a live classroom with Kaplan Schweser's Online Review Courses.


Self-Study Online Review Course
Receive the most up-to-date video content available with Kaplan Schweser's Self-Study Online Review Course. You'll receive the most recent archive of the Live Online Review Course, a study manual, audio CDs, flashcards, and online tools including the Kaplan Schweser Activity Planner, SchweserPro™ QBank, and InstructorLink™.
Break-even point: 5 easy steps to understand pricing and ensure profitability
How many units (products or hours of service) do you have to provide to cover your costs? Don't know? Well, then it is about time to find out! Follow these 5 Easy Steps to Understanding Your Break-Even Point! It's the key to determining your pricing and profitability! more >>
U.S. DOL revises certified payroll reporting requirements for Form WH-347
Effective January 18, 2009 Prime/General contractors and subcontractors who perform work on federally funded construction projects are no longer required to display the home address and social security numbers of employees on the certified payroll report form WH-347 that they submit. more >>
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