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June 10, 2009

Editor's Note
Have you, or your clients, made the migration to Office Accounting, or are you thinking about making a change? The tips in this e-newsletter and on our site in the Office Accounting Zone can help you with your learning curve and show you new techniques to improve your experience with the program.

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Paperless Systems Boost Productivity - Accountants Share Their Experiences
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Backup and Restore Office Accounting Data Files
Many CPAs can't count the number of times that a client has lost accounting or other data due to a computer crash or another unexpected event. There's simply no substitute for frequently backing up one's accounting records, and in more than one place. more >>
Boost the Bottom Line with Price Levels and Credit Limits
The concept of "one size fits all" has been replaced by "mass customization." Special pricing now is often the rule, rather than the exception. Fortunately your clients can use the Price Levels feature in Microsoft Office Accounting to tailor pricing to compete effectively in today's marketplace. Further, your clients can manage their bad debt exposure by utilizing the Credit Limit feature. more >>
Get straight to your point, with Checkpoint®.

For more than 10 years, accounting, auditing and tax professionals have been turning to Checkpoint®, the revolutionary, easily-searchable online system, to get straight to their answers.

Checkpoint brings together the most trusted information on the most powerful research system available, integrating unparalleled expert guidance, primary source materials and analysis.

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Use Office Accounting Budgets To Act Instead Of React
Although budgets and small business owners often mix like oil and water, just about every business should have a budget. A well thought out budget can help your clients consciously act, instead of constantly reacting. For instance, you can help your clients plan ahead for seasonal slowdowns, so they don't get caught in a cash crunch. Further, you can help your clients monitor their performance by comparing the budgeted results to actual each month. Doing so can help your clients contain costs. more >>
Simplify Your Repetitive Transactions
Some users consider entering repetitive transactions - such as monthly dues, service agreement invoices, as well as rent and utility bills - to be the accounting equivalent of watching paint dry. Fortunately, Office Accounting Professional can release your clients from much of the drudgery of these monotonous, yet necessary, transactions. In this article you'll learn the new ways that your clients can manage - and automate - routine periodic transactions. more >>

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Report Customization Tips and Tricks
Depending on the version you choose, Office Accounting offers 20 to 70-plus standard reports. Even this dizzying assortment might not meet your exact needs, but it's easy to customize every report to your liking. more >>
Dump Old Problems and Start Fresh with Office Accounting
Although Office Accounting makes it easy to migrate your clients from other accounting programs, sometimes the automated approach isn't best. For instance, customer and vendor lists might be clogged with duplicate or unneeded contacts, or former employees still linger. Even more likely, the chart of accounts is long in the tooth. In this article you'll learn various options for scrubbing data prior to import into Office Accounting. more >>
Learn more about workflow and paperless systems

Whether its practice management software, conferences or webcasts, we are committed to providing relevant solutions and resources to the accounting practice of the future... Today. Learn how to implement a paperless system, integrate new work flow methods and improve how you work along with your bottom line.

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