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October 14, 2009    
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Why Most Accountants Need a New Firm Website
Small Audit Tips from Start to Finish
Demystify e-Marketing: A Panel Presentation of Practical Success Strategies
Editor's Note
You've no doubt done Google searches that come back with more than a million results. And yet a miniscule handful of those Web sites always manage to end up on the first page of the search results. How do they do it? This week we're tackling the issue of how to get yourself noticed. For much of this content, we're happy to rely on our friend Chad Brubaker, CEO of Emochila, who has many tried and true tips to share. The best part about the Web experience is that we all learn from each other. So if you've got some good ideas to share, please send them over and we'll pass them around.

Best wishes,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor
Why Most Accountants Need a New Firm Website
Emochila    • Is there any reason why your clients should visit your website regularly?
   • Did YOU visit your firm's website recently?
   • Have you acquired any new clients lately from your website?
If the answers to these questions are "NO" – you need Emochila's help. Click here to learn more and request your free trial.
6 Quick and easy tips for improving your Web presence
If you have a Web site, or if you are advising clients who have a Web site, there are steps you can take to improve that site's rankings in the search engines.
Choosing a valuable domain name
OK, so youíre going to purchase a domain name for your firm, whether it is for a Web site presence, professional e-mail, or both. This seems like a simple task that most people breeze over, but the reality is that it could be one of the most valuable choices you make regarding your firmís online presence.
Small Audit Tips from Start to Finish
CPE Link Small Audit Series Begins October 19.
Don’t miss the upcoming live webcast series with small audit expert Larry Perry. These 15 live webcasts will give you a start-to-finish overview of how to plan and complete small audits efficiently. Each webcast qualifies for 2 CPE hours. Larry Perry is a nationally-known author of accounting and auditing manuals, a professional continuing education instructor and author, and a consultant to CPA firms. View Larry Perry’s upcoming webcasts.
A custom Web site or a template?
When it comes time to establish a Web presence for your firm, one of the first decisions you will have to make is whether your site will be a template - one that has already been designed for use by multiple firms, or a custom design - something graphically unique to your practice. In this article we will examine the various factors to take into consideration when choosing which path to take.
Take five minutes to write a bio page for your Web site
Unfortunately, more than 70 percent of professionals in the tax and accounting industry rely on canned content for the Bio/About Us section of their pages. The result - a generalized description of who you are as a professional. There are some very quick and easy changes that you can make to your page in order to ensure that when newcomers and referrals visit your page for the first time, they sense the unique professionalism of your firm.
Pay-per-click advertising: Does it really work?
PPC, as its name might suggest, is a form of Internet advertising in which advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked. There are many services that provide PPC advertising; some of the most popular are Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter. When you register for PPC advertising through one of these services, your firm's site appears, identified as a sponsored link, above or beside related organic search results.
Do you need search engine optimization (SEO) for your Web site?
It depends. SEO is used by companies that want to get prospects through their Web site and convert them into new clients. If you have a full practice and don't want new clients, SEO is not necessary! However, if you are looking to build your practice, SEO is a great resource that will only become more and more relevant in the future.
Demystify e-Marketing: A Panel Presentation of Practical Success Strategies Including the Integration of Social Media.
The Money Calculator
Advertising, social media, self-promotion, direct mail, e-marketing, blogging... wondering how to choose, manage, utilize or even where to start? Get the answers on October 22 at 2 PM EST….attend a webinar with a group of professionals that will share some secrets of their successes with the myriad of e-marketing options available today. Click here to register.
AccountingWEB's Breakroom Bulletin
Breakroom Bulletin Tired of reading the same old company memos and clunky full-sized newspapers in your breakroom? Give AccountingWEB's Breakroom Bulletin a whirl! Post it in the office breakroom or kitchen! The Breakroom Bulletin is a nifty one-page PDF that you can download, print, and enjoy free of charge. You'll receive timely news items with a splash of humor designed to brighten everyone's day in the entire office. Print it and post it!
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