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March 13, 2009

Editor's Note
I don't think of myself as being particularly old, but I clearly remember when there were NO COMPUTERS. Staying at home from work meant either taking the day off, or taking a pile of paperwork home, clearing the kitchen table, and entering numbers from receipts in ledgers, or reconciling bank accounts on four-column paper.

Today, chances are good that either you work at home some or all of the time or you know someone who does. More people are either choosing to work at home or have employers who are finding it is cost effective to allow their employees to work remotely. And then there are the road warriors, for whom remote working means a desk in a hotel room, a table at Starbucks, or the back seat of their car. There are upsides and downsides to remote working. What experiences have you had? Click the "Post Comments" option at the bottom of any of our articles to share your experiences.

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Provisioning Your Home Accounting Office
As the economy continues to contract, more and more accountants are considering striking out on their own. A benefit to providing accounting services is that you can often ease your way into your own business, as long as you donít run afoul of any non-compete agreements with your primary employer. Iím sure youíve read a million articles about how to establishing a separate workspace thatís all your own and how to organize your files, so instead Iím going to focus on elements of my own home office that Iíve found particularly effective. more >>
Telework on the rise as more employers offer flexible work arrangements
The number of U.S. employees who worked remotely at least one day per month increased 39 percent the past two years, from approximately 12.4 million in 2006 to 17.2 million in 2008, according to WorldatWork, the global human resources association that studies telework as a tool to attract, motivate, and retain employees. more >>
Easy-to-use tool for remote computer access lets you log in securely to your own and clients' computers.

LogMeIn Pro is a powerful and affordable tool that allows CPAs and other professionals to be more efficient, effective and productive. Log in to your client's computer remotely while they watch your movement on their desktop. Direct file sharing and other advantages save you time.

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Working on the Road: Avoid These Slipups
How many times have you had to work from a hotel room or someone else's office only to find that the mobile device you need is nowhere to be found? Off you go to borrow or buy one, wasting time, money and possibly your sanity. more >>
Checklist for international telecommuting
Technologies that facilitate services "provided via the information highways from anywhere, even the other side of the globe" are powerful tools for retaining talented employees who cannot check into a bricks-and-mortar office daily. But "old- school" legal and practical issues can inject a number of problems here. more >>
Social Networking: Whatís Your Strategy?

Blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Podcasting, Wikis,, Digg, Flickr, YouTube Ė with all of the social media out there how do you decide which tools are right for you? How can you use social networking to help build, maintain, and enhance relationships? Where should you begin?

The guide, Social Networking for Professional Services: How to Add Social Media to Your Networking Plan, produced by, will help you navigate through the social media landscape, identify which tools are right for your firm, and provide you with tips you need to get started using these tools, today.

This guide is available to RainToday members only. Not a member? Try our free 7 day trial to access this guide, and all of our tools and guides along with the many other resources and tools produced exclusively for RainToday members.
Telecommuters count their blessings, one pair of sweats at a time
As employers are lowering their defenses and expanding the opportunities to work at home, more cubicle-bound employees are clamoring for these alternative work arrangements. The benefits to the employer are pretty obvious: With fewer employees in the home office, real estate and utility costs drop and recruitment of skilled workers is easier. more >>
Lorman Lecture Hall

The "Lorman Lecture Hall" provides you with up to date information on upcoming teleconferences to help your business stay on top of your training needs. Most courses offer an opportunity to earn CPE. You can register online or call Lorman at 1-866-352-9539. Please mention Priority Code 16099.
Five ways to get remote working wrong
There are five common, and easily avoided, mistakes that companies tend to make when setting up teleworking or remote working programs. more >>

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