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February 4, 2009

Editor's Note
In this issue of In The Zone: IT Zone, we've found some useful tips for you to ensure your important data is backed up properly and safely. By now we all know that much of our electronic data is only a power surge away from being lost, damaged, or compromised. There are no excuses for not having all of our data backed up and secure, although I must say that computer crashes kind of make me long for filing cabinets and paper I can touch.

And just when you thought all of the tax software options were exhausted, we've found a nice Excel spreadsheet that you can use for creating your tax return!

Finally, Intuit is giving away money to accounting firms that want to grow. Even without the financial incentive, we think it's time to take control of this lousy economy and start making things happen. Create a new position and give someone a job! Find a new niche business area that you can tap! C'mon! Let's get going!

Best regards,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor



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Live Web Demo: Workflow and compliance tools for corporate tax and
     accounting professionals
How Do Clients Find You?
Updating to Office 2007? You're in for a couple of surprises!
10 steps to the CPA's perfect backup plan
Today's CPA firm depends on reliable backup and recovery systems. Online backup eliminates the expense and maintenance costs of tape drives, the need to purchase backup servers, and tape storage solutions. The inherent risk of tapes being corrupted, misplaced, damaged, stolen, or not stored offsite is significant. Here are 10 steps you can take to relieve your backup worries. more >>
Free Microsoft Excel-based 1040 form available
Just in time for tax season, Glenn Reeves of Burlington, Kansas has created a free Microsoft Excel-based version of the 2008 U.S. Individual Tax Return, commonly known as Form 1040. The spreadsheet includes both pages of Form 1040, as well as several supplemental schedules. more >>
Free Demonstration: Streamlining Corporate Workflow Processes

Find out today why successful businesses rely on CCH as their strategic partner for time-saving income tax compliance software and workflow management tools. In less than an hour, you’ll learn how to streamline your workflow and improve your compliance processes by using the integrated CorpSystem suite.

Learn more…
It's time accountants got some stimulus money
Accounting professionals and their clients now have more ways to save money and save time through a new program introduced by Intuit Inc. Through its new "Power to Get More Done" initiative, Intuit is offering significant savings on several of its productivity products and services, $100,000 in stimulus grants for accounting and tax firms, and new training tools to help firms increase productivity and generate growth. more >>
Tech firms dominate BusinessWeek's list of Most Influential Firms
BusinessWeek recently ranked the world's 10 most influential firms. Each continues to thrive in the midst of the current global recession. As you'll see, tech firms are well represented on this list. more >>
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How Do Clients Find You?
The 5 Top Ways Revealed

In the newly released research report from, How Clients Buy: 2009, 200 buyers of professional services revealed the ways in which they find service providers. Of the 27 methods cited, which do you think are most popular?

To find out, download a research excerpt and learn the top 5 ways buyers find service providers.

Download the "Top 5 Ways Buyers Find Service Providers" Research Excerpt
White Paper: Top 10 questions for your IT manager
Along with managing your CPA practice comes the task of ensuring that your technology is positioned to minimize risk, create efficiencies for your staff, and keep you on the leading edge. To help you identify whether you have any exposures with your IT staff, platform, or operations, ponder our list of top-10 questions that should be posed to your IT manager. If along the way, you get a response that concerns you, there may be reason to dig in a bit further. IT may not be fun to you, but it's certainly one of the more critical foundational components of your firm's success. more >>
Blog: A Shortcut To Lock Your Computer
It is always a good security practice to lock your computer screen when you walk away from it. The most typical screen saver time out is 20 minutes but that is plenty of time for someone to sit down at your computer and view information. In this tech tip I will show you how to create a shortcut which you can double click to lock your computer. more >>
Office 2007 Fundamentals Training Series

Updating to Office 2007? You're in for a couple of surprises!

Though the new 2007 interface looks great, the menu bar interface and how to find and use some of the advanced tools is radically changed.

Our Office 2007 Fundamentals Training Suite provides just the right amount of training to get you up to speed fast!

You receive separate CD-ROMs for training on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. that you or your stafff can use whenever needed!

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