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September 30, 2009
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Editor's Note
This week we are spotlighting some of the many articles that have been contributed to AccountingWEB from outside experts. We welcome guest articles and hope many of our readers will take advantage of the opportunity to share their insights with our readers. Contact me if you are interested in having your article(s) published on AccountingWEB.

Best wishes,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor
Point Your Tax Planning In The Right Direction With ONESOURCE™ State Apportionment On Checkpoint®.
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"Anti-gigolo/anti-floozy" trust protects the second (third, fourth …) spouse and the children
It sounds like a tabloid article: A wealthy, older, newly single person suddenly receives a lot of attention from an attractive, much younger, much poorer member of the opposite sex. Suddenly it’s true love, a whirlwind wedding, and a new stepparent who looks like a sibling to the adult children from the older spouse’s first marriage.
Guarantee your profits
One technique to light a fire in your company is to provide an extraordinary guarantee. Extraordinary guarantees are above and beyond the industry standard. Extraordinary guarantees signal customers that you stand above the crowd. Second, extraordinary guarantees also signal employees that you believe they can satisfy customer demands. Extraordinary guarantees nearly always result in reduced operating costs, because the threat of pay-outs to compensate customers for failure focuses employees' attention on streamlining operations and internal cooperation.
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Consider consultants! These high-value professionals motivate and innovate
I have rarely known of a problem or challenge within a CPA firm that could not be successfully solved with the help of the right consultant, properly directed. What do consultants do, and what makes good ones good? Read on to find out!
Future leadership and the case for facilitated dialogues within work teams
I believe facilitated dialogues within work teams are the key solution to achieving change and harmony among the different generations. That is where close and effective bonds can be established and nurtured to eliminate generational disconnects and change debilitating business models. Here are some of the reasons dialogues carried out in a non-threatening environment are necessary.
Customer success stories speed the sale
Marketing and Sales worked hard to find the opportunity and close the deal. The people in Operations knocked themselves out to deliver above expectations. It's been a year or more since the relationship began, and your client is patting himself on the back for taking the risk to invest into your solutions.
Five tips for communicating the real value of your services
In the course of my work with all manner of professional service firms, I hear a very common lament. "We are becoming a commodity. The prospects just seem to buy on price. We are really good. How can I possibly separate myself from the crowd?" My usual response is, "What can make you special? Why are you different?"
IRS e-file. Are You on Board?
IRS e-file
In 2009, 93 million tax returns were e-filed. Demand for e-file is growing and the IRS is making it easier for tax professionals to do business electronically. Grow your relationships with your clients and create loyal, satisfied clients by using e-file. Learn more about e-file and get the latest tax information at IRS.gov/e-file.
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