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December 15, 2009    
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Editor's Note
We're seeing some state-level interest in offering incentives to hire people off the lists of the unemployed. Let's hope these tax credit plans, if activated, don't pay out until the person has actually kept the job long enough so that the credit exceeds what the state would have paid in unemployment compensation. However, with that kind of requirement in place, it seems to make more sense to hire those who have been unemployed for the shortest period of time. That leaves the truly hungry would-be workers out there, still unemployed, getting hungrier. I'm not sure that's the best policy.

Let's all try to make 2010 a year of hiring, finding new ways to grow and improve our businesses by bringing in some of the many would-be hard working people who are looking for a job. Remember, it's a win-win situation.

Best wishes,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor
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State hiring credits on the governor's agenda in Maryland
Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley is pushing hard for a state tax credit – among other measures – that is intended to help his state get people off the unemployment rolls and back to work. The basic idea is that every new hire that exits the unemployment rolls will result in a $3,000 credit for the employer.
Employer-sponsored education options: Formal assistance programs or work-related fringe benefit
Many employers provide their employees with tax-free education assistance through formal Education Assistance programs that meet the requirements of IRC Section 127, but depending on their needs, companies may also offer specific work-related training as a tax-free fringe benefit under IRC Section 132(d), the Working Condition Benefit.
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From limbo to liberation: Moving work-in-progress to the work-finished list
We all have one hiding over there in the groan zone. Itís the unfinished project that lives in a strange sort of limbo. As Nassim Nicholas Taleb reminds us in The Black Swan, the longer a project goes unfinished, there is an exponential increase in the time to finish the project. Sound familiar?
Sally Glick blog: End of Year Opportunities
As the year ends it gives you the opportunity to market more aggressively to clients and non-clients. One idea is for you to share your insights in a "year in review" presentation.
Larry Perry blog: Thinking Outside the Box--An Auditor's Greatest Gift!
As we begin to think outside the box in planning, performing and documenting small audits, a CPA firm's quality control document must give the engagement executive the authority to make modifications that are tailored to the nature, size and complexity of a small entity.
AccountingWEB A-Team blog: All that December brings
Accountants have certainly had to consult with many clients on their severance packages due to the massive amounts of downsizing and company closures that have occurred this year.
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