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March 30, 2010    
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Editor's Note
Bill Grabarek, Assistant Managing Editor As the job market has tightened up, the means by which you get your name and qualifications in front of employers has become more challenging and dynamic. The process has evolved from scouring a newspaper’s want ads to combing employment sites on the Internet. The job search has evolved once again with the advent of social networking sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. We hope the articles below will help make your job search more productive and, ultimately, more successful. It would behoove employers to read these social networking tips, too, so that they are better equipped to recruit the best and the brightest.

Best wishes,
Bill Grabarek
Assistant Managing Editor
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Employing all job avenues can greatly increase likelihood of landing a job
Job hunters can greatly increase the likelihood of finding employment by making use of all available employment avenues, according to recruitment experts at Robert Half International.
Can you social network your way to business success?
Business used to be done with a handshake. Sometimes, it still is. But for a growing number of potential customers, the majority of research, referrals, and recommendations are being done by virtual rather than physical word, via social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace.
The Workplace Fitness Challenge
Workplace Fitness The days are long gone when our teachers herded us off to gym class and we took a break from the school day to do our sit-ups, shoot hoops, learn how to handle a tennis racket, and get pummeled in dodge ball. But just because we've traded our school books for a desk and a computer, that doesn't mean we can't get back in shape and stay in shape, all while doing our jobs. Take the AccountingWEB Workplace Fitness Challenge!
Twitter can be an important tool when job hunting
If you’re new to Twitter, you might not know that there’s etiquette to it. If you’re one of those who say, “I don’t get Twitter,” then pay attention. In this world of social online connections, Twitter is a crucial method of communication between job seekers and potential employers.
Social networking can be a double-edged blade in job search
Job hunters more and more are employing social networking sites to cast a larger net in search of employment. They should keep in mind, however, that recruiters also are looking at those connections, long before the interview process begins.
Top 10 list: Tips for successful job searches
The job market has become tougher over the last couple of years, forcing applicants to work harder to seek out those golden opportunities.
Jobs least difficult to find in San Jose, CA, and Washington, D.C.
Times are tough all over, but finding employment is least difficult among the largest 50 U.S. cities in San Jose, California, and most difficult in the Detroit metropolitan area, according to the Job Search Difficulty Index released this month by, an online job search engine.
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