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October 30, 2009    
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Point Your Tax Planning In The Right Direction With ONE SOURCE™ State Apportionment On CHECKPOINT®
Calculators May Be Everywhere, But Accounting Professionals Use Monroe
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Editor's Note
In today's world of litigation, identity theft, and disasters, it's not only prudent to implement a CYA (Cover Your Assets) plan, it's a requirement. Loss of protection can result in a business going, well, out of business. Thus the articles in today's newsletter, geared to provide you the business owner, or you the business advisor, with some practical tips and advice to make sure you've got things covered.

Best wishes,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor
Point Your Tax Planning In The Right Direction With ONE SOURCE™ State Apportionment On CHECKPOINT®
Monroe - The Calculator Company    How would you like to calculate the impact of legislative changes on your company’s tax rate - in a flash? Now you can, with ONESOURCE™ State Apportionment on Checkpoint®, an easy-to-use online tool that delivers real-time tax planning with the flexibility to create multiple scenarios to meet all your planning needs.
   You’ll be able to perform rapid, scenario-based planning and comparisons for entity structures, forecasting, legislative analysis and filing methods. Plus, the integrated Checkpoint platform means that you’ll be able to easily link between expert analysis, primary source materials, compliance software, news alerts and so much more.
   Call 800.950.1216 today or visit to learn more.
Liability insurance: Covering business interruptions when they happen
Disasters have plagued mankind for as long as we have records, and for just as long, smart people have sought ways to protect themselves against the liability of the unexpected.
U.S. companies experiencing new litigation wave, anticipate more to come
Companies are seeing a litigation wave that corporate counsel expect to swell in the coming year, according to respondents of the 2009 Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. Litigation Trends Survey.
Calculators May Be Everywhere, But Accounting Professionals Use Monroe
Monroe - The Calculator Company Special Pricing for Accounting WEB Readers only. Take stock and prepare for Tax Season. Monroe provides the most productive and durable calculators, the darkest and longest lasting ribbons and quality paper tape. Monroe is the only calculator company selling directly to end users and working with accountants and CPAs to design innovative time saving features. For calculators that last and perform, turn to Monroe.
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SAS 99 — 17 ways to protect yourself from malpractice
Congress mandated as Sarbanes-Oxley (SoX) for public companies and their auditors. Think of SAS 99 as SoX for everyone else. SAS 99 became effective for audits of financial statements for periods beginning on or after December 15, 2002 and applies to audits of all nonpublic entities, private companies, non-profits, government units, etc. The trigger is an audit.
Businesses now required to monitor warning signs for identity theft
In an attempt to reduce recent spikes in identity theft, the government has added a provision to FACTA that requires nearly all businesses to create and implement a plan to monitor employees and business processes for warning signs that could lead to identity theft.
Businesses protected from financial loss with professional liability insurance
A separate coverage can be added to existing insurance policies that protects professionals in the event of a client's claim that they have suffered a financial loss as the result of an error or omission that was committed by a company while performing and delivering their professional services.
New insurance coverage protects against identity theft
Identity theft is a costly crime for society and for the individual involved. CPAs, who deal with personal information and whose reputation is built on trust, need to take special care to protect their clients' information and also be able to repair the damage if information is somehow compromised.
Lorman Lecture Hall Lorman Lecture Hall
Lorman Lecture Hall The "Lorman Lecture Hall" provides you with up to date information on upcoming teleconferences to help your business stay on top of your training needs. Most courses offer an opportunity to earn CPE. You can register online or call Lorman at 1-866-352-9539. Please mention Priority Code 16099.
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