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In the Zone: Celebrity News
September 29, 2009    
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Editor's Note
This week we're catching up with celebrities and others who have made the headlines with large and frequently mysterious tax situations. We don't often go head to head with the supermarket tabloids, but sometimes there is just too much juicy celebrity news to pass up. So take a moment to sit back, get caught up on the gossip, and see if you can figure out whether your favorite celebs are going to be standing in breadlines, doing some jail time, or escaping the watchful eye of the tax authorities.

Best wishes,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor
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A “true gentleman,” a generous donor, and a possible tax evader
He was well known as a philanthropist, blessing numerous charities with tens of millions of dollars. What he had not done, however, was pay his federal taxes.
Philadelphia Eagles take a pass on tax credit for Vick
Michael Vick is back on the field, now playing quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. That means his new employer is entitled to a $10,000 tax credit.
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Boxer Mayweather and the IRS are even-steven
Just days ago, boxer Floyd Mayweather earned $10 million, plus pay-per-view percentages, when he fought Juan Manuel Marquez. But most of that giant purse will go to fulfill his back tax obligations.
Paying your taxes, one bauble at a time
When you owe $54 million in taxes, paying on the installment plan might be a welcome idea. And if you're short of cash, tax authorities aren't above taking payment in the form of diamond studs.
Even RoboCop has to pay taxes
Authorities say, RoboCop star Miguel Ferrer owes $289,800 in delinquent state and federal taxes. Ferrer is the son of late singer Rosemary Clooney, and the cousin of George Clooney. He is currently trying to sell his home, worth $3.8 million.
Survivor's Richard Hatch looking for a do-over on tax evasion sentence
With just a few weeks to go in his prison sentence for tax evasion, Richard Hatch, the first winner of the reality television show Survivor, has managed to grab the spotlight, yet again.
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