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In the Zone: Business & Travel
September 25, 2009
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How to Protect and Nurture Your Trusted Client Relationships
Editor's Note
It seems everybody has travel stories. Some of them are great, some make you tired just to hear them, and some are downright scary. In this special newsletter, we offer some tips and share some experiences that we hope will make your travels more bearable.

Meanwhile, we've started a discussion group on AccountingWEB where you can share your own favorite tips for travel and also regale us with your travel stories. Please join the Road Warriors discussion!

Best wishes,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor
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Business travelers can be proactive and avoid security hassles
Business travelers are insanely busy. Less time in airports means more time for work, so knowing the tricks to get through security quickly is as important as any other on-the-job skill. If you’re on your own when it comes to navigating through airports quickly and efficiently, consider these tips.
The latest travel gadgets make life easier for the road warrior
Business travelers are always looking to avoid the many hassles they inevitably face in a day in the skies or on the road. Consider these tips from world-weary travelers,
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Michelle Golden Blog: Top Travel Tips You Want To Know
With an international practice, I travel often. I’m always happy to discover tips and ideas that make traveling a little easier, so I hope you’ll enjoy some of my favorite findings.
Linda Cavanaugh Blog: Almost left in DC
I love to go to conferences. I don’t particularly enjoying sitting in an uncomfortable chair for eight hours with limited breaks, but I do enjoy the excitement of going places. I try to plan my flights, so that I arrive in the early afternoon on the day before the conference. This gives me time to sight-see and shop.
Brian Tankersley Blog: Travel Tips from a Road Warrior
Despite fewer flight options and smaller planes, it’s still possible to have a positive experience when traveling for business. With a few extra tools, you can help your trip be more pleasant. I travel about 100,000 miles a year (on average) for business, and many of these tips come from years of dealing with the TSA, hotels, airlines, etc. This is the first in a series of articles to help make your travel experiences more pleasant.
Allan Boress Blog: Business Travel Do-Over
Ever look back at life and ask what you would do over? The most obvious for me would not be pursuing a career that required travel. I never want to experience an airport again. That means you wouldn't be reading this blog, because professional speaking and consulting required international travel to reach your utmost.
Bill Kennedy Blog: Travel Heavy
Yes, yes, I know. ALL of the travel tips tell you to travel light. Pack one bag. Make it small enough to be carry on. That way you can take your laptop and your suitcase on the plane with you. They don't get lost. You don't have to wait to get your luggage at your destination. You can just waltz through to get to the front of the taxi / rental car line.
How to Protect and Nurture Your Trusted Client Relationships
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