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October 15, 2010    
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Editor's Note
Bill "Captain America" Grabarek A couple weeks before All Hallows Eve, our bloggers offer up a trick-or-treat bag full of goodies in the form of helpful tips and information. (Don't worry about the treats; they're all good. No Smarties or Dum Dum lollipops here.) Also, a couple of the bloggers will regale you with scary stories about tax nexus issues, inflation, social media sins, and other things that go bump in the night. There certainly should be more than enough here to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Bill "Captain America" Grabarek
Assistant Managing Editor
Sally Glick: The profitability chain
I was recently asked to give some advice to the staff of a firm on how they could be more effective at building a network and marketing their firm. The first thing I suggested was spending some time considering their own culture.
R.J. Dragon: Reasonable compensation and soaking the rich
An important aspect of virtually every control-level valuation of a privately-held company is the determination of reasonable owner’s compensation.
Ann Callari: Determining nexus – The perpetual problem
Nexus is generally defined as a connection or relationship with a state that subjects an entity to its income and/or sales tax laws. As with most tax law, determining nexus is becoming more complex.
Chris Wood: The Open Office experiment
I know a few individuals who use Open Office (OO). Typically, they are small business owners who use basic functions and reporting techniques, and use OO because it is free. That's worth repeating. OO is free!
Steve Knowles: Preparing for inflation
My own knowledge of economics is restricted to what I learned in school and 30 years of seeing politicians ignore the lessons from the past. The recent economic problems are a case in point.
A&A the Webcast Way Larry Perry
Do you need an update on accounting and auditing standards or maybe a refresher on the fundamentals of performing compilations and reviews? Get all your updates via live webcast! Speaker, Larry Perry is a nationally-known author of accounting and auditing manuals, a CPE instructor and a consultant to CPA firms. Check out Larry’s webcast schedule for quarterly A&A updates, nonprofit accounting, and more.
Rita Keller: Use technology to solve a common CPA firm challenge
I wonder why CPA firms are not using some type of automated telephone/technology service to repeatedly remind their individual tax return clients that it is time to provide the firm with their tax data.
IMA Young Accounting Pros: Mentoring – A value-adding activity
In the early stages of almost every career there is a steep learning curve. Through my experiences and observations of others, I have found that the accounting profession seems to be on the steeper end of the curve.
Brian Strahle: Michigan wants you!
It appears Michigan has sent letters to every out-of-state company with sales into Michigan (that it is aware of). The letter requires companies to review their activities in the state and determine if they have nexus in Michigan.
Across the Pond: Seven deadly sins of social media
Social media offers extensive opportunities to promote your business, but you need to be careful. With increasing use of social media comes the increased risk of committing one of the seven deadly sins.
Maria Calabrese: Workplace Homily
As I listened to a priest give the homily during a recent wedding ceremony, I realized that not only did his advice pertain to marriage, but to the workplace as well.
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