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June 18, 2010    
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Does Your Website Need a Makeover? – No Obligation to Try
Prepare for the Enrolled Agents Exam
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Editor's Note
Gail Perry, CPA, Managing Editor AccountingWEB is honored to host more than two dozen experts in the accounting profession who have chosen to present their blogs on our site. With insights on the latest legislation out of Congress, audit regulations, continuing education, IFRS, marketing, social media, technology, and a host of other topics, AccountingWEB's bloggers help keep you up-to-date and informed on the topics that matter to you and your profession.

Best wishes,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor
Does Your Website Need a Makeover? – No Obligation to Try
Emochila Emochila is the nation's leading website developer for CPAs. Included is a client portal which allows you to send and receive files that are too big or personal for email. We have THOUSANDS of happy customers who know A WEBSITE IS FOR EXISTING CLIENTS, not just prospects. On our websites you can securely post .pdfs of clients' tax returns online. We EVEN write newsletters that can be automatically emailed to your clients. Plus, you can also create your OWN newsletters and blast them out to as many clients as you want! Click here to try it free.
The CPA Quiz - Revisiting the Exam
I was browsing accountingweb.com like every good AW blogger should do and I came across the CPA review quiz. I decided to take the quiz just to see how it has changed over the years, and how much I have retained since the days long ago when I crammed and sweated to pass this most prestigious of awards.
What Wall Street could learn from the Business Valuation Profession
One would think that there would be no difference between how Wall Street values a company and how it is done by the BV community, after excluding the valuation adjustments for privately-held status that business valuation consultants make.
Coca Cola CFO hedges bets against Euro losing its fizz
Coca-Cola's CFO Gary Fayard says the beverage giant has shored itself up against the weakening Euro, using hedges to protect itself from the volatile currency. Fayard said Coke is hedged on the euro throughout 2010 and has some coverage for 2011 as well.
State Tax Amnesty Update / Resource
Are you looking for a good resource to find out the current status of state tax amnesty programs? Well, of course you could always ask me, but if you want another resource, here it is.
Prepare for the Enrolled Agents Exam
EA CornerCandidates for the enrolled agent license must pass a three-part examination known as the Special Enrollment Exam (the SEE, for short). The three areas tested are individual returns, business returns, and representation before IRS. If the idea of taking the test is somewhat daunting to you, you may want to take a prep course on one or all of the test sections. NAEA, the professional association that represents enrolled agents, provides a listing of resources including our own in-depth preparation for the exam in an online facilitator led course – click here for all the information on the SEE.
Will marketing consultants and agencies switch places with in-house staff in a digital world?
As a marketing consultant, I attend a lot of marketing seminars and marketing conferences to stay current with my craft. Today, the buzz there is all about online marketing.
BP – Having its own credit(ability) crunch?
At the time I am posting this blog the latest news is that BP are just starting to contain some of the leaking oil in the Gulf area. So it’s time to review how the markets and others have responded to this disaster.
Notes from IRS Stakeholder Meeting in May - Preparer Compliance, Form 8109
Around the country, wherever IRS has a campus, they usually arrange to meet with the tax community on a regular basis. Here in Los Angeles, Sharon D. Sanders the Senior Stakeholder Liaison Specialist, arranges to meet with us every three or four months.
AccountingWEB's Summer Dish Contest
 AccountingWEB's Healthy Summer Dish is a contest to see who can whip up a tasty seasonal dish while keeping the calorie count down and promoting healthy eating. Think more veggies and less fried chicken stuffed between glazed doughnuts. E-mail recipes to enter. Ten winners will be chosen at random from all entries to receive prize packs of AccountingWEB goodies. Recipes will be featured in the AccountingWEB Fitness Zone.
Is Your Website Sticky?
The beauty of a website is that it levels the playing field - providing small and midsize firms with the same opportunities to attract attention, build their brand and add value for clients as the larger firms have. The key to the success of the site though, is to think about what clients want
ASU 2010-17 – Milestone Method of Revenue Recognition
ASU 2010-17 updates FASC 605 – Revenue Recognition and is effective for fiscal years beginning on or after June 15, 2010. This ASU adds a subtopic to FASC 605 concerning revenue recognition related to research and development projects. It clarifies that revenue can be recognized when a milestone is achieved if the milestone meets all criteria to be considered substantive.
My name is Maria, and I'm a Crackberry addict
Yes, it's true. It never used to be this way, until I was introduced into the wonderful world of the Blackberry. Surely I can't be the only one with this addiction. Who hasn't kept their Blackberry on the table during lunch. Who hasn't slept with it right next to their bed at night. Must answer....red....light....flashing!! GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS!!!!!!!
Kaplan Weekly Quiz
KaplanAre you prepared for the CPA exam? Test your knowledge and keep your skills sharp by taking the weekly CPA Exam Quiz, brought to you by Kaplan Schweser CPA Review and AccountingWEB Education & Careers Zone. New questions will be posted for each section weekly. Take this week's quiz.
Technology Changes Everything - AccountingWEB LIVE!
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