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March 4, 2009

Editor's Note
There are those who say reading is a lost art. With busy schedules, particulary in the spring, accountants might suggest that it's not the art that's lost, it's just the time for the art that is so difficult to find. Fortunately for all of us, many of AccountingWEB's bloggers have founnd the time to do some reading and have made their own recommendations for what to read when your elusive free time returns. In addition, as some of our bloggers point out, there are ways to keep up with reading that don't involve hours of unscheduled peace and quiet. Try podcasts or read short bits in magazines. Just don't stop reading!

In an effort to squeeze more reading into my day, I've started down the path of taking a speed reading class. I'll be chronicling my experiences on AccountingWEB and am excited to find out how well this will work.

Kind regards,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor


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The Smart Way to your MBA
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Ron Baker: Most fascinating book of 2008: "Bad Medicine"
By far the most interesting book I read this year is "Bad Medicine: Doctors Doing Harm Since Hippocrates," by David Wootton. Not only is the book incredibly well written - even if, like me, you have no particular interest in the history of medicine - it's a mesmerizing look at how a supposedly scientific and evidence-based profession rejected new innovations, knowledge, and theories, while stubbornly clinging to their old - and completely ineffectual, if not down right lethal - therapies. more >>
Barbara Bix: Need to "Get Clients Now"?
Right now, everyone is trying to increase sales. That is, perhaps everyone but accountants who are "heads down" working on taxes. Still, here's a book that you can recommend to your clients to help them get through tough economic times. I suggest that anyone who is trying to attract more business consider getting "Get Clients Now" by C.J. Hayden. Even though I'm a seasoned marketing consultant, my own copy is well-worn. more >>
The Smart Way to Your CPA

Pursuing your CPA designation? Consider simultaneously earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management. This powerful dual credential poises you for significantly higher-level positions and salaries. And at Keller, you can complete both while saving time, courses and money.

Keller classes may count toward the 150-hour requirement for your CPA.
Becker CPA Review’s proven methodology is woven into coursework.
Multi-task your accounting career by advancing further faster.
Allan Boress: Why Is Everyone Else So Messed Up?
Have you ever wondered why the other people in your life (partners, associates, spouse, kids...) don't see the world the way you do?
>>>Why don't they value the same things?
>>>Why do they leave stuff lying around?
>>>Don't they know that the picture is crooked on the wall in the waiting room?
>>>Why do I always have to do everyone else's work???
Could be you are a "first-born" in your family. Are you the oldest child? Is there a six-year difference between you and your older sibling? Are you an only child? "The First-Born Advantage: Making Your Birth Order Work" is the latest by noted psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman. more >>
Sally Glick: A Good Read!
I have recently read, "Trust Based Selling" on building long term relationships. Authored by Charles H. Green, I think you will find it full of important insights. In one section he quotes a colleague who gets referrals constantly without asking. Her secret? She cares more about meeting her clients' needs than she does about what she will get out of it. more >>
Eva Lang: Are you reading enough?
Business Valuation has become so complex that most practitioners find that they must specialize in this area to keep up. It has become very difficult for an accountant to do valuation work part time and still keep abreast of all the standards, journals, and texts that must be read to be on top of the profession. That means that BV folks tend to be reading all the time! more >>
SaaS Accounting Software Business Opportunity

The developers of Arithmo, a U.K. based online accounting package, are looking for a U.S. partner to introduce Arithmo to the U.S. accounting market.

For more information read the article.
Bill Kennedy: A Good Read
If confession is good for the soul, then here's mine: I haven't been reading much lately. My latest business book was "From Good to Great" and I wrote about it previously in Fragile Giants. Instead, I've been listening to podcasts. Instead of an iPod, I have a Zune. Yes, I'm one of those people on the subway apparently oblivious to all that's going on around me and subject to sudden smiles and the odd chuckle. more >>
Maria Krowicki: For the Love of Reading
So many books to little time to read them. The book I have just finished reading is "Performance3: Planning x People x Process," by L. Gary Boomer, CEO of Boomer Consulting, Inc. Gone are the days of "this is good enough." The industry today is changing at a rapid pace, and firms must stay competitive. more >>
Alex Vuchnich: Increasing Productivity by Remembering More
There is a fascinating article on Wired regarding how memory and more importantly forgetting works. I am sure anyone who has sat for the exam and potential candidates can relate. more >>
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