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January 15, 2010    
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AccountingWEB has sought out some of the most interesting and innovative members of the accounting profession to share their thoughts with our audience. As members of the AccountingWEB Bloggers Crew, these experts not only have something worthwhile to say but enjoy writing about their areas of expertise - a combination not often found in this profession!

We are happy to share with you some of the latest commentary from our panel of experts. You'll notice there is a comment option at the bottom of every blog on our site - feel free to add your perspective, share your experiences, and sound off! Our bloggers will be happy to hear your comments and respond with their own.

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Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor
Ron Baker: Incentives Matter
Even ardent supporters of hourly billing will admit that there exists, right from the start, a conflict between the professional's interest and the customer's. When you make hours important, then the customer is bound to focus on hours, rather than value.
Barbara Bix: SaaS distribution model challenges vendors to take customer service to the next level
Many companies focus most of their marketing efforts on bringing in new accounts, yet most realize that the fastest path to increased revenues is repeat business to existing customers. For this reason, alone, it makes sense to deliver outstanding customer service.
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From accounting to marketing to sales, and even a touch of good ol' sound business advice, our collection of blog posts offers a full menu of topics.
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Allan Boress: Marketing's missing link
More than ever, marketing must show a recognizable return on investment. Many firms are cutting back on staff, and any expenditure deemed not absolutely necessary, so proving marketing's value to the firm is more important than ever.
William Brighenti: Why not a CPA as President?
With the economy the most central issue, why not elect a CPA as President? A recent poll showed that 47% of our fellow citizens thought that the economy was the central issue of our country. So we elect lawyers to manage and direct our economy? Does this make any sense? Why not elect someone who can read a budget?
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FEI: SEC Enforcement Initiatives Include Office of Market Intelligence, Cooperation Policy Statement
At a press conference this afternoon, SEC Enforcement Director Robert Khuzami announced several new initiatives, detailed further in these press releases: SEC Names New Specialized Unit Chiefs and Head of New Office of Market Intelligence (OMI), and SEC Announces Initiative to Encourage Individuals and Companies to Cooperate and Assist in Investigations.
Sally Glick: Marketing is Not a One-Person Effort!
Great reputations are built on great service. But you cannot address the needs of every client yourself. That means you must enlist the help of everyone in your firm. The more people who have ownership of client service, the more successful your efforts will be.
Need the Facts on a Company? D&B
D&B Small Business Solutions is the leading and trusted source of information on business credit. Get peace of mind in these economic times. Click here for business information from the source you trust - D&B.
Scott Heintzelman: Rainmaking and Lead Generation Coaching
During normal economic conditions, new revenue is important, but during these challenging times they are critical. What do most organizations do when the budget is getting stretched? They cut sales and marketing. Is that the correct strategy? What part of revenue generation is about branding and what part is about relationships?
Maria Krowicki: Social Media in the Workplace – Friend or Foe?
Everywhere we turn, social media is whirling around us fast and furious….Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. While it is fascinating to connect with people whom we haven’t seen in years, should there be guidelines about the use of social media in the workplace?
Kaplan Weekly Quiz
Are you prepared for the CPA exam? Test your knowledge and keep your skills sharp by taking the weekly CPA Exam Quiz, brought to you by Kaplan Schweser CPA Review and AccountingWEB Education & Careers Zone. New questions will be posted for each section weekly. Take this week's quiz.
Brian Strahle: Illinois: Partnerships Obtain Relief from Negative Legislation!
The Governor of Illinois signed legislation (HB 2239) yesterday repealing the impact of the 2010 Budget Implementation Act (SB 1912 and Public Act 96-0045).
Alex Vuchnich: The Art of the Steal
The Art of the Steal by Frank Abagnale is a must read for anyone even remotely interested in fraud schemes and how they are perpetrated. You may recognize the name, Frank Abagnale. He is the author of Catch Me If You Can, his accounting of his true life exploits defrauding banks, airlines, universities and even the state bar association.
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