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In the Zone: Accounting & Auditing
December 1, 2010    
Brighten your day with this holiday video from Accountemps
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A&A the Webcast Way
Editor's Note
Gail Perry, CPA, Managing Editor Are you still filling out expense reports the old fashioned way? Get with the program and check out the best apps for tracking time and expenses. Has the weather got you down? Whether you're heading across town to the office or departing for more significant travel, this is the time of year when wet stuff from the sky is a factor in our plans. Be proactive and don't let weather woes keep you from getting the job done.

Saturday Night Live gave us a fine rendition of what to expect from the new, enhanced airport security (see the link in Get through the airport quickly by keeping your fashion sense at home). We've provided you with everything you need to know about how to dress for your full body scan. P.S. Be sure to ask for a copy of the picture . . . it's what every family album needs.

Best wishes,
Gail Perry, CPA
Generate Customized Payroll Reports in Seconds: See How Easy This Can Be!
UBCCImagine your client asking for a very complex customized payroll report. Now envision generating that report and sending it via email to your client in less than one minute. Whether it is customized payroll reports, seamless import and export of data, or wanting to double your productivity, take a look at UBCC case studies – hear what your colleagues have to say. Schedule a payroll demo or call 1-800-827-8610.
Accounting for expenses: There's an app for that
Whether you have an iPhone, Motorola Droid, or a BlackBerry, there are several applications that can organize and keep track of your travel expenses. Jason Bramwell reports on seven applications ranked high by technology experts that can benefit accountants on the go.
Get through airport quickly by keeping your fashion sense at home
Fellow travelers: Take a cue from Fergie, the latest victim of the Transportation Security Administration's more aggressive airport screening procedures. The singer learned that being a celebrity didn't earn her the privilege of avoiding the much-criticized tactics at LAX.
New per diem rates for business travel reimbursement
If your company pays employees to travel, you need to know your options when it comes to reimbursing them for travel expenses.
A&A the Webcast Way Larry Perry
Do you need an update on accounting and auditing standards or maybe a refresher on the fundamentals of performing compilations and reviews? Get all your updates via live webcast! Speaker, Larry Perry is a nationally-known author of accounting and auditing manuals, a CPE instructor and a consultant to CPA firms. Check out Larry's webcast schedule for quarterly A&A updates, nonprofit accounting, and more.
Business traveler's guide to making the best of bad weather
It's December and, in many parts of the country, this means that weather is a factor in commuting as well as in business travel. When transportation and infrastructure systems are affected by the weather conditions, work disruption can occur, productivity can be lost, attitudes can be affected. Weather-induced chaos presents an ideal opportunity for technologists to remind businesses that we now have the means to lessen the impact of bad weather.
Cruising for tax deductions? Try deducting your next Caribbean cruise
Has your wife been harping on you lately about all work and no play? Is she an employee or a partner of your business (or, more likely, are you the employee)? Why not consider a business cruise, allowing you to write off travel expenses as business tax deductions?
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