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In the Zone: Accounting & Auditing
June 22, 2010    
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Top Ten Challenges Accountants Face Today
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Editor's Note
Gail Perry, CPA, Managing Editor I find it amusing that there are so many articles written about how bosses and older workers need to find ways to communicate with the younger generation, meet them on equal ground, learn about their tools and technology, make accommodations for them in the workplace. I wonder if the World War II generation read the same types of articles when the Baby Boomers started pouring out of college and into the workplace. It seems to me that there is a shortage of articles for the Millennials, about how they need to learn to communicate with existing management, how they need to mold their needs to the existing workplace. Shouldn’t this communication thing be a two-way street?

Best wishes,
Gail Perry, CPA
Managing Editor
Top Ten Challenges Accountants Face Today Accountants World
Learn about the top challenges facing accountants like you - and the solution that addresses all of them. Click here for details.

Multi-generational networking
Networking and dealing with people of different generations from our own is similar to the recipe for any kind of successful networking – with a few twists.
Firms failing to recruit, engage, retain Generation Y
Members of Generation Y are our leaders of the future. But a clash in attitudes and outlook between older age groups and this upcoming generation has created a divide in the workplace, making it difficult for organizations to connect with, inspire, and motivate younger workers.
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Technology motivates younger generation
Prospective employers looking to recruit students need to be aware of their technology preferences and provide the tools and equipment they are accustomed to using in their personal lives, according to a study by Accenture.
Identifying, understanding (and marketing to) the generations
For years, marketers have made it their business to study different age groups for ways to best reach out to, and communicate with, the various generations. But who are we referring to when we break down the generations?
AccountingWEB's Summer Dish Contest
AccountingWEB's Healthy Summer Dish is a contest to see who can whip up a tasty seasonal dish while keeping the calorie count down and promoting healthy eating. Think more veggies and less fried chicken stuffed between glazed doughnuts. E-mail recipes to enter. Ten winners will be chosen at random from all entries to receive prize packs of AccountingWEB goodies. Recipes will be featured in the AccountingWEB Fitness Zone.
People management: What managers can learn from The Beatles
Determining whether your staff is a team or a group is an important distinction to make. For example, I'd claim the Beatles wasn’t a pop group. Before you lynch me for pop blasphemy, the difference is this: John, Paul, George, and Ringo weren’t a group – they were a team.
Blog: Tattoos and the workplace
Seems that everywhere you turn, people have more ink than ever before. Are tattoos acceptable in the workplace? All depends on where you work.
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