October 27, 2011
When the THRIVEal network began, my first reaction was, "This sounds like fun!" And "fun" is not a term often associated with the accounting profession, so I was intrigued. Founded by Jason Blumer of Blumer & Associates in Greenville, SC, THRIVEal embraces a concept that some might consider revolutionary and many might consider unpopular.

Gail Perry, CPA
IMA Conference: Gaining a Competitive Advantage in the Job Market
Students, faculty, and business leaders will come together at the Institute of Management Accountant's (IMA) Student Leadership Conference for three days of sessions devoted to networking, professional education, and mastering the tools and strategies that will lead to a job in management accounting.Read More »»
Government Forces Showdown over H&R Block Merger with TaxAct
The government is seeking to block a proposed merger by H&R Block, the country's largest tax preparation firm, in its first antitrust action in seven years. The outcome will likely resonate loudly throughout the industry.Read More »»
THRIVEal+CPA Network – Like-Minded Professionals Looking for a New Way To Do Business
It didn't take long for Patti Scharf, CPA, to see a trend developing among her small business clients: She was handing out monthly financial statements, but her clients didn't seem all that interested in the information she was providing.Read More »»
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