October 6, 2011
A lot of people have opinions about whether or not purchases made on the Internet are subject to sales tax. The Streamlined Sales Tax Commission has been trying for more than a decade to get enough states to agree on how to simplify the sales tax system and move forward so that states can get a piece of the Internet retail action. Not an easy task. The arguments continue to focus on a 1992 Supreme Court ruling (Quill vs. North Dakota) that concluded that a company can't collect sales tax in a state if the company doesn't have a physical presence in that state. Read More »»

Gail Perry, CPA
Will Congress Green Light the Main Street Fairness Act?
As more Americans continue to shop by entering just a few keystrokes, new proposed legislation could return foot traffic to traditional retail outlets. Under the Main Street Fairness Act of 2011, Internet and mail-order sellers would be required to collect and remit sales tax to states that elect to participate in a federal program. Read More »»
Huntsman Tax Reform Plan Calls for Sweeping Reform, Raises Questions
Unlike many of his fellow Republican presidential candidates, Jon Huntsman, advocates a tax reform proposal that still adheres to the basic structure of the existing U.S. tax code. Read More »»
FAF Rejects Independent Standard Setting Board for Private Companies
A new council with the authority to identify, propose, and vote on specific improvements to U.S. accounting standards for private companies has been proposed by the Board of Trustees of the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF). Read More »»
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