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Richard Alaniz's guest article this week on legal issues relating to companies that only want to consider job candidates who are currently employed raises some interesting issues for accountants. Many businesses and individuals view their accountants as general advisors, not just number crunchers. As advisors to business that might be hiring, accountants can help decision-makers create job descriptions that will attract the candidates with the most appropriate experience. As advisors to individuals who are seeking jobs, accountants are uniquely qualified to help individuals craft descriptions of their job experiences that will align with business needs of potential employers in this difficult economy. Take this opportunity to reach out to your clients and remind them that a consultation with their accountant will be a beneficial part of any employment changes they are contemplating.

Gail Perry, CPA
Is it legal to only hire the already-employed? The problems with must-be-employed rules
In their quest to find qualified workers, some employers are explicitly stating that they will only hire those who are already employed and will not consider the unemployed. While the "must be employed to apply" philosophy may make sense, federal regulators are examining these types of policies, and at least one state has made it illegal. Read More »»
Ernst & Young LLP launches academic case study on sustainability reporting
As a professor of business administration at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, a college widely regarded for its ability to prepare students to meet the social, ethical, and environmental stewardship issues of tomorrow, Dr. Richard Brownlee II is well versed in teaching sustainability topics to future business professionals. Read More »»
IRS announces extensions and other relief to Hurricane Irene victims
The Internal Revenue Service is providing tax relief to individual and business taxpayers impacted by Hurricane Irene. Read More »»
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