September 1, 2011
Unintentionally, the concept of working together effectively seems to be a theme running through our articles this week. Whether you're trying to incorporate your teenage children into your workplace (because you just don't get enough of them in the off hours), create a sense of camaraderie amongst multiple generations who find themselves tossed together in the same office, or just encourage each other to better yourselves by staying fit, the end result is, startlingly, the same. Read More »»

Gail Perry, CPA
Got perspective? Without it, you don't "get it"
To really engage, embrace and include, it's not enough to learn the typical attributes of the different generations. Significantly, the four generations in the workplace don't understand each other's underlying perspectives and formational influences very well. Read More »»
CCR LLP's inspiring health and wellness program
In the fall of 2009, CCR LLP (CCR) rolled out its Corporate Wellness Program, the goal of which was to improve the health and well-beingĀ of its employees. As an added bonus, CCR's initiative created camaraderie between offices through friendly competition. Read More »»
Hiring teens to work for a business - don't take shortcuts
If your business clients need extra help, you might suggest they hire their teenage children to pitch in after school or on weekends. This strategy may result in tax savings and other potential benefits if the children are treated as official employees. However, it's important to note that employers must observe all the usual formalities involved in compensating employees. Read More »»
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