August 25, 2011
We're thrilled to hear that the IRS has hired 4,300 new revenue agents in the past two years because that means (a) our tax dollars are being used to provide jobs in the down economy, and (b) tax revenue can increase due to the improved compliance enforcement that surely will accompany such a large influx of examiners. Or not. It appears that, according to the folks at the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, these thousands of new revenue agents aren't exactly burning up the tax audit dance floor with their collection efforts. Read More »»

Gail Perry, CPA
IRS faces challenges keeping up with the regulations
Turns out, it's not just taxpayers who find the tax code confusing. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) itself is having a hard time keeping up with constantly changing tax laws. Read More »»
AICPA says U.S. companies should have option to use IFRS as issued by IASB
Barry Melancon, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) president and CEO, and Paul Stahlin, AICPA chairman, stated in their letter dated August 17 to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), that public companies in the United States should be allowed the option of adopting use of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as the SEC weighs a possible future framework for incorporating IFRS into the U.S. financial reporting system. Melancon and Stahlin wrote, "We believe U.S. issuers should be given the option to adopt IFRS as issued by the IASB." Read More »»
The 2011 Women to Watch awards - recognizing outstanding women in the accounting profession
Women who have made significant contributions to the accounting profession and to the development of women – receive recognition through the AICPA's Women to Watch program. Read More »»
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