August 18, 2011
The notion of one-shoe-fits-all simply doesn't apply when it comes to accounting. The Blue Ribbon Panel appointed by the Financial Accounting Foundation has been tasked with devising separate accounting standards for private companies. Guest writer, Jim Brendel, provides some insight into what we can expect as these standards are developed.

Gail Perry, CPA
A move toward separate accounting standards for private companies begins
As the large companies move toward IFRS reporting, we've been hearing talk about separate financial reporting standards for private companies. Jim Brendel, national director of audit and accounting for Hein & Associates, explains just what this move to separate standards might entail. Read More »»
Kelley re-elected to fourth term as NTEU president
Colleen Kelley will spend the next four years "relentlessly" tackling the challenges that face the nation's largest independent federal union. Kelley has a reputation of standing up for union members who include employees of the Departments of Treasury, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security. Included in her mission is a massive public education campaign designed to remind the public of the importance of the work done by members of her flock. We might not love IRS employees when this campaign is finished, but at least we might appreciate them a bit more. Read More »»
IRS issues final rules relating to election to deduct business startup expenses
The American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 set forth standards allowing limited deductions of business start-up expenses. Finally, we have official regulations supporting the deduction rules. Just in time for new tax reform expected later this year. Read More »»
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