August 11, 2011
While it might seem a no-brainer to allow CPAs to practice in other states without jumping through licensing hoops, the issue as not as black and white as you might think. When you remember that each state gets to set the rules for how a CPA gets licensed, then the mobility issues start to make sense. If State A requires you to practice as a public accountant for two years before you can be licensed, and State B says you can be licensed after one year of work experience, and that experience doesn't even have to be in a public accounting firm, how does State A know that the State B accountant has the chops to practice in State A? Read More »»

Gail Perry, CPA
NASBA, AICPA announce online mobility tool designed to help CPAs practice across state borders
If you haven't experienced the frustration that comes from being licensed as a CPA in one state and needing to work in a different state, then you might not appreciate all the work that is occurring on your behalf. Take it from someone who has had to get temporary licenses in the past, mobility legislation is a godsend. The new Web site collaboration between NASBA and AICPA provides all of the cross-state licensing rules in once handy searchable place. Read More »»
Insights for the generations on communication
In the new world, employees don't need the sense of connection, team, loyalty, belonging that came with the old-school corporate culture. They get all of that through their online network, to which they stay attached throughout the workday. It's no wonder employers can't expect longevity out of younger employees. Work is for a paycheck. Network glue comes from social media. Read More »»
Salsa dancing CPA needs your vote
A little bit of salsa is just what the CPA profession needs to spice up the long hours at the desk. New Jersey Society of CPAs member Gail Rosen hopes her "Certified Sexy Salsa" photo will be a winner in Facebook's "Great Event Photo Contest." You can help by casting a vote in her favor.Read More »»
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