July 28, 2011
It's becoming standard operating procedure for our elected officials in Washington to not get along, and the latest item that has fallen victim to that we-can't-play-in-the-same-sandbox mentality is the legislation that would have maintained the federal taxes on airline tickets. Those of us who fly with some frequency and who have the foresight (or budgeting requirements) to purchase our tickets in advance, have the opportunity to get a little bit of the green stuff back, if the powers that be can only figure out how to make that happen. Read More »»

Gail Perry, CPA
IRS asks airlines to refund tax on plane tickets sold before July 23
No matter who has to refund the money, the airlines or the IRS, it's going to be a colossal headache. Personally, I think the Congressmen and women who let the aviation tax legislation expire should help the IRS by agreeing to sort out and verify the boarding passes and ticket receipts for taxes that need to be refunded. Read More »»
Tax return preparer registration for 2012 to start soon
It's not too early to get your ducks in a row and prepare for your tax preparer PTIN registration for 2012. Unlike the good old days where the process was optional and you only had to do it once, tax preparers now are required to have a PTIN, renew it every year, and of course pay a fee for the privilege of doing so. The IRS collected a cool $45.746,000 last year in PTIN fees and now will get to do so every year. Some of that money will be used to administer the testing requirements for those preparers who are not certified as attorneys, CPAs, and EAs. I'm not sure what the rest of us get for our share of the $45mil, but the AICPA is on board with the whole program, so it's all good. Read More »»
CCH announces acquisition of SpeedTax
Sales and use tax software solution provider SpeedTax, one of the companies that is prepared to deal with the Streamlined Sales Tax Project, if only that program would get off the ground, has been acquired by CCH as part of the company's technology strategy focused on small-to-medium sized companies. SpeedTax is also a member of the CloudSolutions Alliance, a CPA-focused alliance providing thought leadership around cloud, Software-as-a-Service, and paperless technologies. Read More »»
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