July 21, 2011
Report: IRS slow to tell taxpayers when their information was disclosed
Just as the Obama administration seeks to protect consumers from breaches of personal privacy, the IRS is being told that it's too slow to tell taxpayers when their personal information wasn't kept private.
AICPA debuts E.D.G.E. conference for future CPA leaders
The newest generation of CPA leaders will have the chance to hone both their professional skills and personal growth this summer when the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) hosts its inaugural E.D.G.E. conference.
XBRL: Smaller companies phase in, liability exemptions phase out
The SEC's three-year phase-in to furnish XBRL financial statements, footnotes, and certain other information to the SEC, recently reached the third and final year of the phase-in, with the smallest companies joining the ranks of their larger co brethren.
From Day One, Excel has been a hot topic with AccountingWEB readers. For those of you using Excel on a daily basis, I suspect your knowledge and implementation of the product is far deeper and extensive than it was a decade ago.

What more do you want to know about Excel? How would you like AccountingWEB to broaden our Excel coverage?  What do you wish you could do with Excel in your accounting life that you've not quite figured out? E-mail me with your thoughts please or feel free to make a comment here.

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