June 9, 2011
Paid tax return preparers must take Form 1040 series exam beginning in October
It's almost test time for non-CPA paid tax preparers. The IRS is open to suggestions for both the content and the administration of the exam, so now's your chance to chime in if you have an opinion on how this new process should be done. Read More »»
Jackson Hewitt files for bankruptcy with pre-packaged plan
In the aftermath of the Era of the Refund Anticipation Loan, street corner tax prep company Jackson Hewitt has filed for bankruptcy. Jackson Hewitt has been a household name for over 20 years, at least among those who hold household conversations about tax preparers, and was a major player in the RAL marketplace. Read More »»
AICPA and AAM will team up for 2012 annual conference
What do you get when you put a couple thousand accountants, accounting tech, and accounting marketing people in one hotel in Vegas? Sit tight and we'll let you know next summer when the accounting marketers join forces with the rest of the accounting profession at the AICPA's 2012 Practitioners Symposium and TECH+ conference. Read More »»
We've all been witness to this scene: you're at a business function amongst peers, competitors and clients, when you spot someone who has had too much to drink. I'm all for having a couple of drinks, but there's a time and place to toe the straight line--and a business social event is definitely such a place, in my opinion. CPA Allan Boress has penned a great composition on the Bloggers Crew section of AccountingWEB. Do you agree with his "Drinkin' and Marketin' Don't Mix" commentary? Click here to leave a comment.

Rob Nance
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