June 2, 2011
AICPA Spring Council includes focus on tax simplification issues
The AICPA has indicated support for legislation that would, among other things, change the partnership filing deadline to March 15 and limit the ability for states to tax employees who are not residents. There was also some discussion about the oppressive AMT, but while the tax might not be logical, chances are slim that Congress will be willing to give up the revenue from AMT. And anyway, who said tax should be logical?
Wellness programs pay off in lowering health care costs
It's National Employee Wellness Month, in case you didn't know. While most companies are struggling to keep some semblance of health benefits available to employees, some companies are trying a new approach by offering wellness programs that keep employees out of the doctor's office. Explain again why employers should provide health insurance in the first place? Read More »»
IRS extends FBAR filing deadline for certain individuals
It's time to file that pesky TD F 90.22-1 form again, that is if you have foreign accounts of over $10,000. However, certain people get an extra year to file. Read More »»
People with large estates were certainly thrilled by the changes that took place this winter. With the federal estate tax exemption rising to $5 million per person ($10 million for married couples), tax planning became much easier for many wealthy families. What about accountants and estate tax attorneys who had significant portions of their billable hours tied to these tax planning matters? If you are one of these men or women—accountants or attorneys—who have been forced into this situation of revamping your book of business, please e-mail me.

Rob Nance
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