May 19, 2011
Most of us have encountered some type of "Lunch & Learn" session while working in public accounting, corporate accounting or related businesses. The next time you are without a lunch meeting and have succumbed to the lowly sandwich at the desk, spend some time with the cast of characters in our Bloggers Crew. Jean Caragher and Rick Telberg (The SevenKeys CPA) are the latest to join the Crew. Over the course of that sandwich, get caught up on the latest in A&A, practice management, BV, tax, what young professionals are thinking and more.

It's all there for your choosing. You can then tell your boss that you had a very productive lunch with leaders in the accounting profession.

Rob Nance
Condorsement and the future role of FASB
Is there life after convergence for the FASB? Paul Beswick at the SEC seems to think so. Since the convergence process seems to be moving at a slow pace, and Beswick envisions a separate convergence process for many standards that aren't on the IASB radar, it looks like we can probably easily expect a decade or more of futzing with the standards. FASB should have plenty to keep itself busy. Read More »»
Stealth price increase awaits QuickBooks 2008 users
The party had to end sometime. We know there are scads of QuickBooks users out there who are still using DOS versions of the software, in addition to those who are just a few years out of date. Intuit shouldn't be expected to bear the burden of providing support to people who insist on living in the past, not to mention those who are still living in a floppy disk world. As for the price increase, we're calling it stealth because it's not a sticker price increase but instead a per-user increase, which really doesn't seem all that sneaky. The small fry who only needs up to three users still gets the lower price. Read More »»
National CFO survey finds optimism up, along with inflation worries
It seems there's another feel-good survey almost every day, telling us the economy is about to turn around. The latest survey reports that 48 percent of survey-takers expect the economy to improve in the next six months. Does that mean that 52 percent thinks we're stuck in economic doldrums? The picture still looks pretty bleak, especially as unemployment numbers continue to rise. Careers are on hold too because it's musical chairs out there in the job world. No one is willing to risk giving up a chair, even if he thinks the music is starting to play again. Read More »»
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