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You know you'll get the calls. They probably will occur early this year because many people don't quite know which day is the actual tax filing deadline (could we please go back to the old rules?). The calls will start late in the afternoon on Friday, a few may trickle in through the weekend, and then there will be more on Monday and Tuesday.

Gail Perry, CPA
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Need an Extension to File Your Taxes? e-file!
If you have clients who want information about e-filing, you can pass this article along to them. We hope you'll find it helpful.
No Relief in Sight for Disclosure Overload
Representatives of accounting firms, banks, and private companies have told the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) during recent outreach meetings that their greatest concern with current accounting rules is the explosion in the volume of required disclosures.
Tax Tip: Expand the Reach of Dependent Care Credit
This is the tenth and final article in our series of tax return tips for 2011 returns. It's not unusual for both parents of young children to work during the day while someone watches the kids. But the parents may be able to claim a dependent care credit to offset part of the cost.
Ken Berry's Tax Tips for the 2012 Filing Season
  1. How to Secure an 'Extra' Dependency Exemption
  2. Choose the 'Biggest and Best' State Tax Deduction
  3. Lock in Mortgage Interest Deductions for Points
  4. Generate Energy Credits for Clients
  5. Dish Out Tax Rewards to Charitable Volunteers
  6. A Party at Home? That's (Deductible) Entertainment!
  7. Spell Out Tax Rules for Business Education
  8. Add on Medical Expenses for a Nondependent
  9. How Do You Spell Tax Relief? C-a-s-u-a-l-t-y Loss
  10. Expand the Reach of Dependent Care Credit

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