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For many accountants, there is a time during tax season, usually right around the first of April, when you know that the clients who have been waiting this long to bring you their tax receipts probably owe money to the IRS and have been waiting as long as possible to make their payment. Some of those procrastinators are hoping you will help them find alternatives to paying the piper.

Gail Perry, CPA
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What to Do if You Can't Pay Your Taxes
With the end of tax season just around the corner, millions may be cringing over income tax bills they simply can't afford to pay. Ignoring payment is not an option, but there are alternatives that taxpayers facing this situation should know about, according to CCH.
Healthcare Law Under the Microscope
On March 30, the US Supreme Court held closed-door deliberations on President Obama's health care overhaul law. It is likely they cast their preliminary votes on how they will eventually rule. As the Supreme Court is known for keeping its secrets, no leaks are expected before formal opinions are written and announced from the bench. This is not expected until late June.
Accountants' Marketing Checklist: Increase Your ROI on Business Meals
Phyllis Haserotís book, The Marketerís Handbook of Tips & Checklists, provides more than 100 checklists covering a range of topics any professional needs to know in order to master building a successful career as both a rainmaker and client-focused service deliverer. This article features one of her checklists.
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